Happier Bathtime

Well, we tried and tried to post another video of bathtime - real bath (soaking in her little tub) but it just isn't working so I'm throwing in the towel and will just put up some pictures. Emerson LOVED soaking in the tub, she was wide eyed the whole time. Since this bath, she has also gotten in the real sized tub with me, and she is in HOG HEAVEN to be in so much water. If her daddy is lucky, maybe it means she will love the water as much as he does. (I on the other hand...well, it took me 28 years to learn how to dive through waves in the ocean...)

She is doing great and sleeping pretty well most of the time and is a total eating machine. She has had a little bit of reflux type stuff going on this week that seems to be fading, so you can all be praying that will make its way right out of here, we do NOT welcome reflux in this house! She still makes the greatest little faces and my current favorite today is those she makes when she's waking up - she stretches her arms up over her head and scrunches up her face. I feel pretty sure I make the same faces when I'm waking up from a deep sleep...but it's been awhile since we've slept like that, so I'm not sure :)

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving on Thursday - having it at our house this year! We are so excited to celebrate her first holiday and our first holiday in our new home with our family. Here's hoping that it all goes well! Terry is probably mostly excited about Thanksgiving because it means as soon as we are finished eating, we can go get our Christmas tree and start watching Christmas movies. He has been begging to be allowed to start watching them early and I did cave on a rainy day last week - we snuggled in, turned off all the lights and watched The Family Stone, and I admit - it was great. I just don't like to throw Thanksgiving under the bus. But Terry has an affinity for Christmas movies and he says we crammed them all in last year. We have a whole separate section of Christmas movies in our DVD collection. If you are wanting to watch one, come on over - you can be sure there will be at least 3 playing a week at our house after Thursday!


Blake and Ashley said...

So cute! We can't wait to meet her.


Lynn said...

She is just so little!! :)