The Bean is Sprouting

Yes, yes, I KNOW he is crying, but this is probably my favorite picture of the weekend. This little guy almost never cries, but he was none too happy about being left alone on the piano bench (although better than when his dad tried to stick him in a bowl...) His face here resembles how I felt about the post office not following through on the whole "2 day shipping" policy that I paid extra moolah for so that my new lens would get to me in time for these pictures. You know, the one that would let me get close and blurry but focused in any light. Sigh.
Guess I'll have to go back another time!

And really, not like I will complain about going back to snuggle with this kind of sweetness. I even got to snuggle him in bed while teaching A&A some infant massage. He loved it - heck, who wouldn't? After their date, Adam & Ashley couldn't believe I was still sitting in the same spot they had left me still with the bean sleeping and cuddly on me. I hadn't even gotten up for homemade peach cobbler - who needs cobbler when you have this?!

He has long fingers and toes like his daddy, and his mommy's cute little button nose. Check out this frat-boy Carolina polo he's got on. His hand is covering the little UNC logo on the top, and the outfit was too big to 'pop his collar' like a true Carolina boy or he would have been lost.
Good thing, I like my boys a little rough around the edges!

Here is where that lens really would have been handy so you could see his sweet little face a little better. But, I did get a HUGE and wonderful gift of Photoshop while I was there this weekend, which has made playing with some new and old pictures very fun. Hello Actions, hello Ree! I could potentially be obsessed. It's been a good diversion to keep me from having that "I want one" conversation with my husband TOO much since I've gotten home from being with such a sweet baby. He had his 2 week check-up yesterday and is already 8 lb 3 oz, 20 inches long and healthy as can be! It sure is fun to be an aunt. Especially a favorite aunt!