Mid-week Musings

Little known facts and other miscellaneous things floating around in my head today...

We are the Bruces. I know you know this, but do you really know that we are the Bruces and not the Bruce's? When you come to our house, you are going to the Bruce's house, but when you are talking to us, you can say, "hey Bruces!" We are plural, not possessive. Updated. I have since researched my correction. We are still the Bruces, (which was the point of this debacle) but sources (online grammar sites, teachers and peers included) have varying opinions on if you are going to the Bruce's house or the Bruces' house. Hmm...

I think Emerson knows that today is her 6 month birthday. And she decided she should not sleep through the night without her middle of the night feeding until she was 6 months old. So she did. Last night. Praise the Lord. Please do it again tonight Emmy. And please let the doctor tell us next week that it's okay to keep doing this even though you are so wee.

These are some of the cutest little hair clips. I cannot wait for Em to have hair to wear these.

Could this dress be any cuter, and at any point in my life can I validate spending that much money on a dress for a child? But I really love it...maybe it will go on sale, you know before Emerson is 4 or 5 and would be cute in it. Or maybe by then I can become a seamstress. Or at least be able to hem pants - baby steps.

Oh yeah, I'm really thankful for the randomness of the gene pool that resulted in the blue eyes pictured above. GOR.GEOUS. [thanks katie b for the precious outfit to bring out the blue!]

And have I mentioned recently how much I love my husband? He is a great man, and makes me understand why a synonym for patience is long suffering. He is very long suffering with me...aka, I think I make him suffer for long periods of time with my craziness :) Thanks, hubs!