Love, little e

Dear Dad.

Today you had to go back to work. Bummer. Big, big bummer. This past week has been the best week of my life. Okay, I know, it's been the only week of my life out of the womb, but it has still been the very best. Being home with you and mom has been the greatest - I have loved our snuggle time early in the morning after mom feeds me breakfast - you are so warm and cozy! Mom tells me she thinks I sleep the very best when you are holding me - I think she is right! She also tells me it is her favorite time of day to walk by and see us snuggling together - I think she really likes us. I love daddy/daughter time late at night when you stay up and watch movies with me while we let mom sleep a little bit. I hope that just because I am becoming a better sleeper you won't make me skip out on late night movies too often. Mom just goes to bed so early, boring! People keep telling me that I have your very same nose. I think this is great because I know you are hot stuff (mom tells me all the time about you being so cute) so I must be really cute also!

I thought it was really cool that you guys took me to church on Sunday and that Pastor Al introduced me to the church and you talked about me and everyone prayed for me. It wasn't my 'official' dedication, but it was great. I was 10 days old. And guess what? You were 10 days old when you were dedicated at church also - it says so in your baby album. I guess that makes us pretty close huh? And cool - I hope I will be as cool as you one day. Mom says if I am just like you it couldn't get any better. She even hopes I sing like you and jump like you and we already know I make funny faces like you - we make her laugh lots.

I hope you come home soon dad, I miss you and your snuggles and your kisses. Thanks for snuggling me this morning before you left for work and thanks for being such a great dad and bringing home the dough while mom and I snooze the day away. You are already my bestest friend and the greatest dad. Thanks for loving me.

I like you. I like you a lot. Like, I really like you a whole lot. The same a lot that you like mom, and the same a lot that you like me.

little e


Louise said...

Oh man... on the verge of tears here...

Anonymous said...

Now, just when I think I couldn't love the three of you any more, the Father sends more love. Incredible!!!

The Grandmother

Michael and Lynn said...

How sweet is that! Love you guys :)