Sometimes when I listen to the things Emerson says, it really  is just like I hear myself echoing in my head.  She has recently been enjoying taking a turn to read one book at night out loud to us.  She reads her books so often she can mostly tell the story pretty correctly, and when not, she has a great imagination to fill in the blanks which is always entertaining.  Last night, Terry was at a meeting for church and she and I were snuggled up in the chair reading.  Here is what she said when she got to the page with the above picture:

"I am so proud of how you can jump so high," said his mother, "but we are not going to do that."
"Why?" said bunny.
"Well," said his mother, "it might not be very safe all of the time."

Just like me - praise the effort, correct the action.  I could give a billion examples of how I do this constantly through my day with clients at work...and apparently at home as well.  I love that she 'gets' that I do that.  Sorry little bunny - good jumping though.  When she finished reading her book, I told her:

"Thank you for reading us such a great story!"
Her response: "Oh, that's no problem!"

I love hearing the phrases she picks up from us.  Here's to remembering she picks it up and our words become embedded in our kids' hearts and minds.  I pray I will always remember this even in the little things like how I read books and how I redirect her so our words will always ultimately build her up.


Photo Phone Dump

Let's just catch up in one big collage for the past month: 
Row One: 1. Emerson's new favorite activity is coloring - she is good, really good (I can brag on my own kid here right?) and loves to do it; 2. She inherited Lightning McQueen slippers from her cousins that she wears 24/7.  Literally; 3. Aunt Laura moved in with us which has been so fun and Emerson loves hanging out on her bed reading books; 4. & 5. Em had her first "hot & now" doughnut at Krispy Kreme and loves making funny faces with dad; 6. For Father's Day, we filled the living room with 30 balloons and wrote notes on each for reasons Terry is a great dad [sidenote: ever tried to fill a sedan with 30 ballons and a 2 year old in a carseat?  BAD IDEA.  Don't try it. Unsafe parent of the year award that day right here.]

Row Two: 1. Our house is on the market right now (sniff sniff, but excited about what could be next) so Emerson helped Terry lots with some touch-up painting...; 2. When she wasn't painting, she was still coloring; 3. After painting she earned lots of popsicle rewards; 4. Exploring a new FROYO store near our house with Laura and me - she loved the chairs and sat back and put her feet up on the table before digging in; 5. She proudly shows off a painting she wanted to do for Terry one day as a surprise for when he got home from work - she was very proud of how she 'filled in all the white parts' (proof she has been working hard on her coloring also); 6. When it isn't 800 degrees here in Charlotte, we have tried to get outside and headed to the park here to feed the ducks after a walk at Freedom Park

Row Three: 1. Because I am making a crazy face, I feel like we might look somewhat alike for the first time on film here!; 2. Aunt Laura and Emerson have been exploring the neighborhood on their days at home together and are enjoying the used book store up the street here; 3. Aunt Laura and Em on a walk - Laura loves putting her hair in a pony tail, and well let's face it, what isn't to love about that little pony tail except that it makes her look so old!; 4. The front view of the pony tail in a bubble bath with a sucker - this was how she recovered from her first bee sting.  Thank the Lord for many reasons, I wasn't with her when it happened but it's still traumatic to me to think about.  Best news: she didn't get my allergy!; 5. Reading to some dolls after bath.  Emerson loves to read and can pretty accurately tell the stories of most of her books. Her imagination fills in the blanks pretty well also.  One of my favorite things is to listen to her read to herself or her 'guys;' 6. Oops, a repeat - but I could have easily put in another picture of her coloring because she really does do it all the time.

We are loving and soaking in our last few weeks of being a family of three and anxiously ready to become a family of four.  Emerson talks as if she is thrilled to be a big sister and often talks to and about her baby brother already - it fills my heart up.  We are one day at a time right now getting ready for this little guy, showing our house, and wondering what could be next and are thankful for all the potential changes or lack thereof coming up!  If I stay slack on here - which let's be honest, I will - know we are busy enjoying family date time, our favorite time.