Miss Popular

We can't believe that Emerson turns one month old tomorrow! What a busy and fun month it has already been. We are so thankful for how loved we have felt and how much love she has gotten in her first few weeks - Terry, who knows more fun facts involving numbers than most, also loves that on her first day of life, she had 27 friends & family hold her and love on her. (Yeah, we didn't really realize how exhausting that would be until that first sleepless night in the hospital!)

So here is a pictoral shout-out of thanks to everyone who has gotten to come love on her and be captured on camera with her...
Her namesake
Aunt Laura
Uncle Adam
Grandpa Rocky
Grandma & Grandpa Bruce
(some) Bible Study Girls
Aunt Becca
Uncle Jack
the newly engaged Aunt & Uncle Philary (Philip & Hillary)
Aunt Molly
Aunt Ashley & Cousin Caleb
Doesn't this last one kill you? I just love it! We had a great Thanksgiving here with my family and letting these little cousins meet and play. Can't wait for her to meet the rest of her 15 cousins!


Anonymous said...

Oh, DO let me be the first to comment. That is SO sweet! I hope you can print all these out for her baby book. I want her to know how adored she has been since the moment she was born!

The doting grandmother

KatieKate said...

Hello, photogenic family! Lordy! Of course, it's hard not to be cute with that little one in your arms. Love her.

KatieKate said...

Hey, ps. If you put your photos on flickr or really ANYTHING these days, you can make a book at Walgreens or blurb.com complete with captions and borders and leather covers and EVERYTHING. So nice for those midnight feedings when you're up anyway and can do a little digital organizing. Then, just click 'buy 7' and give them to everyone at Christmas :)

Sara said...

I'm so jealous we haven't gotten to meet her yet! Maybe we'll pop by this weekend if you're around!

Bec said...

#1 Em has a better skin tone than me in that picture and she was just born... Oh well, I look like I've just hit the jackpot, so who cares. :)

#2 I love you people

Lynn said...

I am having FMS! I wish I was one of those people getting to hold little E :(

Molly said...

Aunt Molly is having SERIOUS baby Emmy withdrawals. How will I last another moment??? I miss you so much baby girl! Love you and your mommy and daddy!