"Do you think I'll be tall?"

I intentionally wore flats in our wedding, because I love how much taller Terry is than me. What girl doesn't like tall boys? Looks like our little friend Spencer is already trying to get ahead...and I'm not the only one who thinks it's cool that he is so tall and "big swoll"

cutie spencer: how come your okay sign is bigger than mine?
bec: i'm older and i'm tall, so i have long fingers - that makes my okay sign bigger
cutie spencer: do you think i'll be tall when i grow up?
bec: probably so buddy
cutie spencer: like that boy you know who is tall?
bec: what boy spencer?
cutie spencer: you know, the one with ellen!

bec: oh, terry. maybe so.
cutie spencer: do you think he is strong?
bec: yep, he's really strong.

cutie spencer: do you think he can lift weights?
bec: i bet he can lift anything he wants to
cutie spencer: wow...do you think when he does this with his arms
[flexes muscles] his arms get big?
bec: i bet they are really big [flexes her arms] mine aren't very big though
cutie spencer: that's okay, mine either
[later during bath time...]
[spencer and sam in bath, spencer covering his poor little brother in shaving cream and using his plastic razor to 'shave' him]
bec: spencer, guess what else terry can do?
cutie spencer: what?
bec: sometimes he shaves his HEAD!

cutie spencer [jaw drops, eyes the size of saucers]: YOU MEAN HE'S BALD???

I love my tall, bald husband!