12 weeks

Hello people.

Did you know that I get cuter every day? Seriously, just ask my mom and dad - but they are trying not to gush over me to other people, so maybe don't ask them too often. I am very strong these days and am learning lots of new things! I taught my parents last week that I can no longer be left alone on the bed unless I'm in the dead center (because its huge) because I'm rolling over! Only to the right when I'm on my belly, but that is my favorite - I'll figure the other side out later. Dad says he hopes it takes me awhile to learn to roll from my back to my tummy because he's really worried I'll face plant and not be able to breathe. He's a worrier about this. He forgets that he isn't the only one with killer upper body strength; see the picture above of me for an example! I also told mom and dad this week that I think dad is HILARIOUS. He does all sorts of goofy things and I love it, it really cracks me up.
Mom was very brave going back to work this week, and I was very brave going to stay with Mrs. Beth all week. She didn't even cry (okay maybe a little the night before she went back - but I cried some too so it's okay). It didn't take much for me to be brave because Mrs. Beth is great but I do miss my mom and dad while I'm away. I have 2 new friends though (Ragan, the 4 year old Beth also keeps) and Sadie, Mrs. Beth's black lab. My dog is CRAZY. c.r.a.z.y. I didn't know any better, I thought all dogs were as wild as Salem, but nope, not true. Sadie is 12 though, so maybe by the time I am 9 years old Salem will have chilled out a little when people come to our house.
I also found out this week that I have a new best friend on her way home. Her name is Bella Hope Marks and she is going to be on her way home from Haiti soon with my Aunt Molly. I will wait to show you pictures of her until I get the okay from Aunt Molls, but I'm so excited, and mom is freaking out. Bella is 15 months old so we'll be tight, and I'll have cute hand-me-downs (I'm okay with those) one day! You can be praying for them, Molly is in Haiti with her and isn't coming home until Bella comes home with her, we cannot wait to meet her!
They are calling for snow and ice here this weekend, I might have 2 big snows in my first winter - alright! Tomorrow is my first daddy/daughter day while mom goes to work and dad stays home with me - I can't WAIT. He's the coolest.
Hope you peeps have a great weekend; check back in next week because I'll be three months old - I know, isn't it confusing that I'm already 12 weeks old but not 3 months yet? Mom doesn't get it either and dad keeps trying to explain it, but we are still a little confused...



I feel like every other time I tell a story now, it starts with "my friend who also had a baby around when I did..." I don't know if the whole world was pregnant at the same time or if you just start to notice pregnant people when you are pregnant the way you notice your car everywhere on the road after you get a new one. But either way, Emerson has gotten some great friends out of it! Some we have met, some we talk to on the phone, and some are still in their mommy's bellies and on their way! We already introduced you to little Kessler, but here are a few more that we have gotten to play with recently. I have loved my time at home getting to catch up with girlfriends, 'do lunch,' have playdates, go for walks together, etc. Oh sad day that this maternity leave is coming to an end!
Hanging out with Lilly Whoa babies! Nellie freaking out at the idea of twins...
sidenote: look at the difference in the size of their little booties!
After a walk with Laura and baby Jackson (2 days apart!) in matching strollers,
carseats, and Bundle-Mes!
Jackson is staring Emerson down because she blew out her diaper and had to borrow a onesie from him - way to make a great first impression on the boys Em!


Lowes baby!

Last week, Emerson went on a big adventure with me to see Terry at work. We went for lunch and to meet some of his co-workers who have been waiting to meet her. Here she is at home super excited about going to see dad. She did great! She was happy and awake almost the whole time we were there, and when she wasn't happy and awake, she was happy and asleep! Way to go Em! While she was there, she learned lots about spreadsheets, submissions, and being a great support team member to vendors! Emerson knows already that we are a Lowe's only family [minus the lights in our house - many of them are ah hem... from the other store]. Yes, you know the one. In fact, some of you shop there.
does she look like her daddy here or WHAT?!

We had a great time going to see Terry and I think it helped break up the loooong hours of his days at work - especially since we went on dreaded Wednesday! He's been giving me tips all week about how to handle going back to work, because next Tuesday is my first day back! I can't believe it has already been almost 3 months and my time at home is up. Gulp. I sure am going to miss her little face and will wish I could be holding her in my lap at work just like this!

(thanks for my cute pants aunt becca!)


Dear Emerson.

Mom here. I've got a little confession to make to you about myself. I like to follow the rules and I have the best of intentions. I hope you get at least a large part of this part of me so you will stay out of trouble while you grow up, even if that makes you boring and a nerd for awhile. However, since I had you, I have been breaking some serious rules, maybe even some cardinal rules of having/raising a baby.

I read books and books while I was pregnant with you about having a baby and raising you once you got here so I would be super informed...even though I already knew a lot about babies. I talked to friends, moms, friends of moms, moms of friends - you get the picture. So as to not get myself attacked by friends and family, let's just review a few of them...

(#1) 'They' do not encourage co-sleeping. I would never co-sleep with my baby - gawk! - as if! You have slept with us almost every night since you have been born and I l.o.v.e. it. We tried the swing for awhile, you were over it after a few nights. You had zero interest in your Moses basket that I was just sure you would love. And hello - I'm just starting to put you in your crib for naps. You are two months old. (#2) Whilst sleeping alone [right, you aren't doing this - see above] there should be nothing else in the crib with your baby. Well you know, you aren't in your crib, so there isn't anything else in there, does that count for anything? However, in our family bed, there is me - your mom, - your dad, 4 pillows, a sheet, a faux down comforter (because your dad is allergic to feathers) and a quilt. YOU love these things, it's like the greatest nest ever. Your head is up above mine, not near pillows and the covers only reach up to your knees, so there is no chance you are going to get smothered. And am I afraid I will roll over on you? No way. I spent 9 months not being able to roll over so I'm pretty used to it by now - sometimes I forget I can sleep on my stomach now! (#3) A Soothie pacifier is the best kind of pacifier for a baby's oral development. It's what I recommended to all families in the NICU when I worked there; it is what every hospital I know sends home with babies. Well, if they send them home - but we didn't take one home, no thank you, because my baby (that's you) won't be taking a pacifier until 3 weeks of age until nursing habits are well established. I get some points for this, I only caved 2 or 3 days early because your Aunt Molly told me I could. She counts, she's a nurse practitioner. And you were screaming. A lot. But here's the problem. I'm working on rule #1, getting you to sleep on your own, and you can't keep said Soothie pacifier in your mouth on your own when you lay down. So I bought a NUK pacifier yesterday. You have been napping for 96 minutes on your own in your crib as I write this. Sold.

You apparently did not read the same books I read while you were in my tummy growing. You do not abide by their rules, you follow a set quite of your own. Hopefully, we will keep figuring out our own little set of rules for you and who you are going to be. I know one thing for sure, you are the cutest baby that ever WAS [see below - hello!] and I adore you.



2 months tomorrow

2 months already, really?? That means in just a few short weeks I return to work. Ugh. A woman told me when we were out to dinner (when this picture was taken) that she had been listening to an NPR broadcast about the amount of leave women get in other countries. While enticing...I think I'll stay put and prepare myself for crying the first few days (or weeks) that I return to work. How about this little ham face that Em is making in this picture? She is super smiley these days, especially in the mornings when she wakes up and sees one of us. This might change over the next few days as we officially had our 'last' slumber party last night with her sleeping in our room. Today starts one sad transition, which is putting her in her own little crib in her own little room to sleep. This might not be as big of a deal if her room wasn't upstairs and ours down...but it is, so it feels super far away. I'm sure she won't be the only one crying it out tonight :) [insert plea for prayers for us this week!]

Here is a great example of her smiley self - I'm pretty sure this was taken right after her daddy fed her - another favorite time of her day! We have started our family 'flex week' with Terry working 4 long days and being home with us on Fridays. He might not be the happiest guy ever on Wednesday nights when he's already worked 30 hours, but man is it worth it on Fridays when we are all home together - 3 more of those to go before he is the lucky one that gets to stay in bed and hang out with her all day while I go back to work! But we took advantage of our long weekend this weekend and stayed busy taking down Christmas decorations and trying to get/stay organized in our new life. I told Terry yesterday that the thing I wanted to accomplish in 2010 was figuring out how to be a great (not just good) wife and mom; balance work and find a way to not have to work so much; keep my house clean and life organized; have a healthy dinner on the table every night; still hang out with friends; and lose my remaining baby weight. Hmm...that is a RATHER large order and I feel pretty sure it will take me all year and then some to accomplish this. But I'm determined. If I can't do it with one kiddo (and a dog) then my sanity might not make it to be ready for a second kiddo (in a few years, don't worry)!

Speaking of that dog, she also wanted to wish you all a late Merry Christmas...this picture might also double as an ad on the days that she's driving me crazy and I consider putting her on Craigslist as a gift to someone else! (Don't worry Salem, I only half-way mean it - in fact today I don't mean it at all, but yesterday when Terry could have dropped Emerson because he tripped over you under his feet in the kitchen, well then...I at least half-way meant it.)