More photos

Because we had more faves from our time with Amy, here are a few of them :


Have you ever moved into a new house while you were pregnant? Every time I get overwhelmed thinking about a box that needs to be unpacked or an item that needs to find a home, I seem to prefer to climb into the bed and pull the covers up over my head. It is not helping me get my house ready for this babe, but my body sure is enjoying the rest! As I often do, I'm sure Terry would say I'm over exaggerating. We are moving into the house just fine, but we do still have boxes and things that need homes - including 2 sofas which are overcrowding our living room and one that got put up in the nursery until someone other than a scam artist decides to buy it off Craigslist; one crib in a box that almost gave the UPS guy a stroke whilst carrying up the driveway; and a whole lot of books, picture frames, and DVDs.

Until these DVDs have homes, we have been busy watching half of them in our bedroom. We are SERIOUSLY loving the TV in our room even though I always swore I wouldn't have one. Just might be changing my tune. Most recently, we've been going through Back to the Future - I and II. III might or might not be on for tonight. But last night over dinner (at our new island which I love eating at vs on the floor in front of the coffee table like we've been doing for the past MANY months...) Terry told me one of the greatest stories EVER. He said that Back to the Future I was the first movie he ever saw in the theatre, and he remembers being so excited to see it. He went with his brother Chris, and he said he was so pumped that he dressed up for it. In his teal suit that he wore to church. (Got a good mental image of my then blonde curly headed 6 year old husband in a teal suit?)* I don't really know if I'm allowed to tell the rest of this story....Let me back-track to tell you about a radio show I listen to on Friday mornings. It's relevant, promise. Friday mornings there is a movie review on 107.9 that I always listen to. One of the things the guy does is tell you what size drink you should/can get at the movie. You know, if it's a great movie that you don't want to have to leave to go to the bathroom for, you maybe shouldn't get a drink at all; but if it's an okay movie that you can miss parts of, go ahead and get refills on that large Coke. (But never look up the amount of calories or sugar you just took in). Well...let's just say that Terry's love of and dedication to movies started this day and he might have gotten that large Coke with refills...but he never left the theatre to go to the bathroom. Somehow, this makes me adore him even more - and hey, at least I know he is committed - but I may have to regulate how many drinks he brings to bed with him tonight as we get ready to watch Back to the Future III...
* Correction from the hubs: "I was seven and I didn't have blonde hair anymore. Just want to get the facts straight."


Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of what is going to be on my dear friend Amy's blog later today!!!
I know these pictures are supposed to be about my belly, but I cannot stop looking at that CUTE boy in his cowboy boots and that twinkle of love in his eyes!


Moved In!

Not much to share yet inside this door because mostly all you are going to see is a whole lot of boxes!

Our bedroom is set up and I have spent a lot of time there in the bed since the move - like all day yesterday minus a walk to get a movie and of course several trips to the bathroom because that's just the way my bladder works these days! Terry has been an amazing mover and builder and has spent some good invested hours learning how to put together Sweedish furniture in our bedroom - thank you IKEA for your no-words, all photos, 36 step instruction manual. SERIOUSLY?!

The move went well, it was nice to have movers and just get to sit and direct and not worry about anyone banging walls or scratching paint etc. We'll do plenty of that on our own! But somehow unpacking seems just as exhausting even though the majority of our house has yet to be unpacked! I can't wait to get our new living room furniture in a week or two along with all the nursery furniture and think it will start feeling more settled once we have those things and can settle in around them.
Our neighbors are probably enjoying watching movies through our windows right now until our blinds come. The second night we slept at the house it was so bright we ended up sleeping upstairs in the guest room. (It was great, you will love to sleep there - dark as a cave!) And for move-in day, we had the essentials:
Ben & Jerry's (his & hers style)

This was the only thing in our fridge for the first 2 days. When it was gone, we figured we should go to the store.

Here is one little corner of boxes and the temporary set-up of our living room - where we haven't spent any time because it's covered in boxes and we are currently secretly (or not so secretly) LOVING stashing our TV in our bedroom until we get around to mounting it above the fireplace. You have to know I love you to show you pictures of my house like this.

And here is where I sat directing moving traffic. I thought during this part of the move that I loved the role of a pregnant woman during moves, but the next day I realized I was just as tired as if I had moved it all myself when in fact all I did was some unpacking. Growing a baby is TOUGH work folks!

So that's all for now, hopefully progress will be progress, but we are doing great about not rushing through it and making sure we find the real legitimate home for things in our home so that in 5 years we don't wonder why we kept the things we kept or where we put the things we need. Should have thought about that when we were packing up bath towels so we didn't have to dry off with hand towels after showers for the first two days. Luckily, I just called Molly and asked where she would have put them, assuming I would have put them in the same place, and wouldn't you know - she knew, and was right! God bless people that know you better than you know yourself!

Thanks for the pictures Kat!!!


Let there be light!

A quick update on things here - we have our walk through of the house tomorrow afternoon, close on Thursday and after Terry hits the road Friday & Saturday for the ASU/ECU game. Then...Sunday is THE big day. As in moving day. WOO HOO. But at the rate of my emotions these days, WAH WAH all in the same breath! Feeling so excited and so overwhelmed! But we went by tonight for a quick photo update to be able to show you stained floors and a good old thing we like to call e-lectricity. Thank you Mr. Edison. It's amazing how warm and cozy the house already feels with lights and dark floors! More to come next week!