Sleepovers and Cousins

Long time since I've been here on the blog, just here for a quick video upload.  Emerson and I had a whirlwind weekend in Winston while Terry was at the beach on a guys' weekend.  We went and spent the night with Aunt 'Betta' at her parents' house which I feel mostly certain I haven't done since highschool, and I decided that grown ups should have more sleepovers at friends houses, we had a great time.  Emerson especially who was quite smitten with Rebecca's dad, Wayne, who all children call Wee-Wah, unless of course you can't say your 'w' in which case (as is Emerson's), you call him Lee-Lah. At bedtime, she asked me where Lee-Lah was and when I told her he was in the den, she paused a minute and then just said, "I like him."  Sweet girl.  We had dinner and Emerson spent her first whole night in a big bed (which she does at nap already), went out for a yummy breakfast, took her to play on the playground at our elementary school, had a great lunch, and dyed Easter eggs.  This was Emerson's first egg dyeing experience, and she did great!  Somehow it is possible that neither Rebecca or I had our cameras with us this weekend, so these are all off of Rebecca's cell phone.  
(We have been working on our 'regular' smile for the camera - I think this one is her best to date! 
I do adore her cheesy little grin!)

That afternoon, my mom was keeping Caleb, so we went to her house as a surprise and spent the afternoon with them.  While it was a great surprise for my mom, Caleb & Em, and while my mom might argue, it was best for my heart and soul to just get to spend a day at home with my mama!  Em and Caleb do have such a great time playing together these days which is so fun to watch.  We got to have an anatomy lesson at bathtime during which Caleb suggested that maybe Emerson would grow a penis later because "his mom says his will grow," - which still has me laughing.  Later we took the kids to the playground at my mom's school and to play in her classroom; had a relaxing dinner around the house and then sadly had to hit the road back to Charlotte.  Emerson loves to play with this little chipmunk at my mom's house, "Chippy," and several times ago when we were at mom's house, Emerson hid Chippy in her armpit, which is now her favorite joke on earth.  She and Caleb had a great time jumping and dancing to their made up "Chippy in my armpit" song which you'll see in this video.  Listen to Caleb turn the song into something about "his butt" halfway through the clip - he is so 100% boy right now and it is hilarious how he wants to turn all conversation in this direction - little boys will be little boys!  And let's be honest, Emerson probably would have joined in had she realized what was going on!