Week 6

The other night I said to Terry while trying to decide what to get at the grocery for dinner that week..."Oh do you know what sounds good?" He quickly and excitedly responded with "What, what? Is it a craving, are you having a craving?!" "Well no," I said, "but just something that sounds good that we haven't made in awhile." "Oh," he said, sounding very disappointed then quickly getting excited again, "I can't wait until you have cravings and need me to go get something random for you at 10:00 at night!"

He's serious, I love my husband for reasons like this.

And this:

He came home from working out at the Y to find me just having woken up from a nap, snuggled in bed reading. I'm reading Anne Lamott's "Operating Instructions" - a journal she kept during her son's first year. I love Anne Lamott. She is blunt and rude and inspiring and full of a hilarious but heart-wrenching faith. However, you should not read this book prior to getting pregnant. She kind of makes you not want a child. :) Anyway, Terry said he had brought home stuff to make me a treat. A homemade smoothie (yogurt, banana, strawberries and orange) - yum. It was delicious and...well, heart. He came home and made me a smoothie.

Mostly week 6 can be summed up by naps, morning sickness seems to be fading, and when I sent this 3D 6-week picture to Terry, he said, "Awesome! We are the proud parents of a manatee!" We love you little manatee!


The Reason

I know...I know...

Let's just skip all the stuff about us not blogging like we want to.

I guess I would say it's 50% because we are busy and have so much going on, and 50% because we don't really have anything going on. At least not a whole lot that is going to keep you (and us) coming back here for more to read every week. Mostly I started this so when we were pregnant or when we had kids we could keep up with all our big family all over the place all in one spot.

Well folks.

It's time.

Early, but time! That's right - baby Bruce is making an entrance on November 11th! We are 5 weeks and 3 days right now and so excited/totally overwhelmed at all the big changes coming up for the growing Bruce family as we break ground on our new house in 2 weeks and grow a baby for the next 35 weeks!

Pictures will start coming soon, for now I'm pushing through these rising hormone levels accompanied by some serious nausea. Can't really call it morning sickness since it lasts all day, what a misnomer! That and the fact that I'm already more clumsy - I know, as if that were possible...and it's only 5 weeks. I might need to start wearing some body armor or protective padding at all times!

Grow baby pea grow! We'll be back in a week with more news. Really this time.