A noun and a name

And now announcing your clues to the Pea's first name. Like a noun, her name is also a person, place or thing. This game is not open to those of you that already know her name by the way!

noun: a person, place or thing


a person:

a place:

or a thing (although a little stretch):

happy playing!
terry, ellen, & ...
p.s. sometimes i really don't like blogger. i tried 1800 times to make these lines align correctly above their pictures. no luck. sorry.


Surprise Dinner Shower


Is anyone still out there?

If I were you, I might have given up on us. But maybe you are better friends than I would be in the blogging world, and you know that life has been a little chaotic and you still check in here once and awhile to see if we are still alive over here in cyberspace. We are HERE and back and have just been occupied with checking things off of my 'get-ready-for-baby' list with everything from joining SAMs Club so we can get good deals on diapers, to selling extra sofas, to washing 150 loads of laundry and running the dishwasher 15 times so all her clothes and bottles can be clean for when she comes home!

In the meantime, we also had a surprise shower for sweet Whitney at our house last week. Whitney and Andy are getting married in January in Greenville SC - this will be Baby Bruce's first trip and we are bringing Aunt Molly along to babysit and snuggle. Whit and Andy are SUPER loved and have 18 million parties and showers before their wedding so we wondered how we would get to squeeze anything in for them. Adele, Becca & I put our heads together and decided the best way would be to just get to really love on her and do a dinner shower with just the girls. Maybe a little selfish of us, but we don't mind :) Andy & Terry grilled our salmon for us before we kicked them out (they did a great job, it was delicious!) and then we got to eat and chat wedding plans and love on Whit while she opened up kitchen-themed wedding gifts. While she got 2 salad spinners because yes she registered for 'his and hers' as she says (really an accident) she didn't get any of the 72 vegetable peelers that she is registered for. Seriously. Who do you think got to hold the registry gun when they were at Belk???

Thanks to Adele, here are some pictures from the night: (plus this way you can see some more of the house, the kitchen, and our new chairs in the living room!)