10.5 months

Every day I find it harder to believe that in less than 2 months I will have a one year old living in my house!  As I hunt for birthday invitations for Emerson's birthday, it all feels very surreal.  Our lives have changed so much since (almost) one year ago; but it seems even moreso, she has changed so much in (almost) one year! 

Here we are at a 10 and 1/2 months and she gets cuter every single passing day to me!  There isn't a morning that I'm kissing her goodbye in her carseat as Terry takes her to Beth's that we don't look at each other and say that she's the cutest girl ever!  She is such a big kid these days, walking with her walking push toys, saying 'mama,' 'dada,' 'duck,' 'dog,' and 'bye bye!' (at least when there isn't a crowd around); and her best trick of all, throwing her arms straight up in the air when we say 'touchdown!'  She is most proud of herself for this last trick, and immediately goes from touchdown to clapping for herself.  Emerson loves playing with other kids, especially little boys - and so she was thrilled to get to play with Caleb this past weekend for her Grammy's birthday in Emory!

(This hilarious tutu outfit is from her Grammy - she looked like such the little girl!)

This past month has been seemingly extra fun as her personality comes out even more!  She has the greatest grin full of 8 shiny teeth (which she loves to brush!) with two more teeth on the way!  She is always on the move, and loves to climb under the table, up the stairs, to any object that she can pull things out of, and thankfully has also recently learned how to put things back in!  Em loves to count her toes and play 'this little piggy,' her favorite song is Old MacDonald (aside from the ones we've made up about her which she also loves), and her best best friend in the world is "Cali," the pig she started sleeping with in her crib after our California trip, that her Aunt Laura gave her.  Aside from Cali, we like to think that we are her best friends.  At least she is ours - we couldn't love her more!  I miss her more with each passing day of going to work and keep praying for some miraculous way to get to work part time instead of 3/4 time!  (Better go buy some lotto tickets!)