HIS name is Ralph...

(the guy in the picture - you know, Ralph Waldo...)

HER name will look like this on her elementary school artwork:

Her middle name is a family tradition and a honor of love and while I wish I could say that this was mine, it might be even cooler that Terry found this on the back of his Luna bar (yeah, you know - nutrition for women) last week:if you can't read it, it says:
"Mom: Now that I'm about to become a mother myself, I'm more grateful than ever for the strong, inspiring exampule you set for me and my child-to-be.
Love always, Ellen"

Seriously. It really says that. And it wasn't me that wrote it - though it should have been, and is what I would say, and is what we are saying with her middle name. Which not all of you know mom's name - Jayne. So follow along here. My mom's (Jayne)
sister is Ellen. Jayne (mom) had an Ellen (me), and Ellen (aunt) had a Jayne (cousin). Cousin Jayne just had a daughter this year and named her Ella. So while we were tempted by Jayna (kidding) we stuck with the tradition of Jayne.

Welcome little Emerson Jayne Bruce, we know you will be here soon and can't wait to smooch on you and snuggle your sweet self!

* By the way clues from the name game post (1) Ralph Waldo, (2) Emerson, Iowa, (3) a very cool company - EmersonMade.com


Megan said...

Love it... very cute name!!!!

KatieKate said...

looooooooooooooooooove it

kristi said...

Very fun! Can't wait to meet little Emerson :)

emily chidester said...

I swear to you I guessed Emerson! So cute.