Welcome Mikayla Clare!

Have been waiting for pictures to be able to share the exciting news of Bruce grandbaby #15, bringing the score to 7 boys and 8 girls (stole the pictures from Dave's facebook!). SOON, we will take over the family to really outnumber the boys with girl #9 and grandchild #16 - what proud grandparents Bob & Gloria are! We were so excited to be pregnant at the same time as Dave & Natalie even if it was a cross country pregnancy!
EAT.YOUR.HEART.OUT. over this most adorable face. I LOVE this kid.

Natalie had a c-section last week and delivered this beautiful sweet girl at a whopping 8 pounds 15 ounces, 21 healthy inches long! Welcome sweet Mikayla Clare Bruce!

Congrats Dave, Natalie & Kaden -we are so excited for you all and cannot wait to let these cousins meet - so fun for them to be so close in age!

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Becky said...

love the sweet pictures! AND I love you being on bedrest b/c we get more blog posts!!! WAHOO...sorry, I know i'm selfish.