Welcome home Emerson! Here we are in her room trying to also show the fall leaves out her window. Aunt Steph took this photo on her phone when she came to meet Em
We can't believe it's already been five days - then again the days do all run together when you sleep in 20 minute intervals! In her first few days, Emerson has:
  • met lots of people that love her
  • tried out 8 different places to sleep (mom's arms, dad's arms, pack-n-play, swing, carseat in the car, carseat on the floor, moses basket on the rocking stand, moses basket on bed)
  • found one last night that works - swing but not swaddled, just in her cozy cocoon - thank you Aunt Amy, the 4-5 hours of sleep mom got were great!!!
  • gone on her first family walk swaddled up in my sling
  • gone to the doctor and gotten an excellent report
  • spent 40% of her life eating and the other 60% sleeping
  • pooped on mom twice
  • peed on dad once
  • hung out on the front porch with mom while dad did yard work
  • is about to get her first bath (I almost don't want to wash her because I just always want her to smell like THIS - her own sweet little smell)
We have so many favorite things about her and seem to find new ones every minute. Some current favorites are the little creases under her eyes that give her such sweet sleepy eyes; her nose that came straight from her daddy; and this face she makes when she is really cozy and we think she looks like a little turtle poking her head out of her little shell. Here they are:Sweet little Em is one very loved girl by her parents - it is wonderful and overwhelming all at once to love someone this much. We are settling in today for a snug, rainy day at home and trying to treasure every little minute that Terry has home with us this week for family time!


Adele and Tom said...

What a cutie! I can't wait to see her (and ya'll) tomorrow...I'm brining food! I'll call you to see what time I should come. I'm thinking 5:45ish?

Ashley said...

Congratulations Ellen and Terry! Emerson is absolutely adorable and I know you're so glad to have the new house finished in time to bring her home! Best of luck with everything :) Ashley

Rebecca said...

Oh Emerson is precious and you look great!!!

amy free said...

Oh my goodness! That makes me so happy the the Cozy Cocoon has been such a success :) You guys are adorable and I love getting these updates since I can't come see you in person!!!

Emily G. said...

She is adorable!! I love the nose to nose pic. Enjoy every second b/c they're only little once. (Though I know those sleep-deprived nights are hard! Just know they will end soon!)

Btw, did you hear our little girls are only 5 days apart!? Crazy! Our little doll is constantly bundled, so she looks like a burrito :) Mmmm..that is making me hungry actually...