Ready or Not...

Here she comes!

Short version of the long story is that I've had some protein in my urine since my appointment last Friday and mildly elevated blood pressure; so they ran some lab work and took me out of work Monday to start bed rest. While on bed rest, I had to do some other fun lab work and a 24 hour urine collection (because it's really easy to pee in a cup every time whilst pregnant!) and then went back in to the OB today. My BP had 'spiked' (140/90 - super high for me, normally 90/60) so here we are. The plan has/had been to give me something to help finish getting my cervix ready; but from the minute they hooked me up to the monitor (LITERALLY) I started having really regular contractions. Soooooo, no medicine to help the cervix get ready because that could make me have too many contractions and freak little Emerson out; and instead they will give me some low dose pitocin overnight and my midwife just said she thinks we'll have her here by tomorrow afternoon!

More tomorrow once she comes!


Becky said...

I'm so proud of you mama! Your hair looks good by the way :)
Good luck tomorrow- you are so strong so don't forget that. We love you

Bec said...

Well, I am crying. All over everywhere. Like, well, a baby.

Megan said...

So excited for you love! Can't wait to see pictures! Praying for God's grace and mercy, and quick healing... and well, do you think he'd mind if I prayed that you got a little sleep yesterday :-)

Much love!

Katie B. said...

Ellen, you look gorgeous!! I am sending love and prayers your way. I can't wait to see pictures of Baby Bruce!!

Blong you,

Amy said...

SOOOOO excited to meet little Emerson!!! And yeah, you look AHH-mazing!