12 weeks

Hello people.

Did you know that I get cuter every day? Seriously, just ask my mom and dad - but they are trying not to gush over me to other people, so maybe don't ask them too often. I am very strong these days and am learning lots of new things! I taught my parents last week that I can no longer be left alone on the bed unless I'm in the dead center (because its huge) because I'm rolling over! Only to the right when I'm on my belly, but that is my favorite - I'll figure the other side out later. Dad says he hopes it takes me awhile to learn to roll from my back to my tummy because he's really worried I'll face plant and not be able to breathe. He's a worrier about this. He forgets that he isn't the only one with killer upper body strength; see the picture above of me for an example! I also told mom and dad this week that I think dad is HILARIOUS. He does all sorts of goofy things and I love it, it really cracks me up.
Mom was very brave going back to work this week, and I was very brave going to stay with Mrs. Beth all week. She didn't even cry (okay maybe a little the night before she went back - but I cried some too so it's okay). It didn't take much for me to be brave because Mrs. Beth is great but I do miss my mom and dad while I'm away. I have 2 new friends though (Ragan, the 4 year old Beth also keeps) and Sadie, Mrs. Beth's black lab. My dog is CRAZY. c.r.a.z.y. I didn't know any better, I thought all dogs were as wild as Salem, but nope, not true. Sadie is 12 though, so maybe by the time I am 9 years old Salem will have chilled out a little when people come to our house.
I also found out this week that I have a new best friend on her way home. Her name is Bella Hope Marks and she is going to be on her way home from Haiti soon with my Aunt Molly. I will wait to show you pictures of her until I get the okay from Aunt Molls, but I'm so excited, and mom is freaking out. Bella is 15 months old so we'll be tight, and I'll have cute hand-me-downs (I'm okay with those) one day! You can be praying for them, Molly is in Haiti with her and isn't coming home until Bella comes home with her, we cannot wait to meet her!
They are calling for snow and ice here this weekend, I might have 2 big snows in my first winter - alright! Tomorrow is my first daddy/daughter day while mom goes to work and dad stays home with me - I can't WAIT. He's the coolest.
Hope you peeps have a great weekend; check back in next week because I'll be three months old - I know, isn't it confusing that I'm already 12 weeks old but not 3 months yet? Mom doesn't get it either and dad keeps trying to explain it, but we are still a little confused...


Daniel and Kristi Redding said...

Love this cute picture! Can't wait for Emerson and Carver to (hopefully) meet in a couple of weeks :)

Emily G. said...

Please....those videos...sooo adorable!! And the funniest thing - Abby just rolled over for the very first time TODAY! Only once though. Greg is dying to see it but she won't do it again yet... stubborn little thing. We are still waiting on her to laugh though. Emerson's was sooooo cute! Love it!

Lynn said...

I would laugh at that crazy daddy too! He is nuts. I almost cried I was laughing and smiling so hard. Adorable!

KatieKate said...

So great about Aunt Molly! Wooo hooo!

Man, that is one photogenic kid. We'll never be able to put ours together because the camera won't know what to do :)

Bec said...

Dear Emerson,
I have several comments. First of all, I need that picture. Please tell your mother. IMMEDIATELY. Second, I am freaking out about your Aunt Molls too. And finally, I love that the 12-week 3-month thing has caused confusion for your sweet mom. I remember when Daddy and I tried to explain downs in football to her years ago and I wasn't sure whose head was going to explode first, his or mine. But she learned! And she'll get this weeks-in-a-month-is-not-always-an-even-four thing soon, too. :)

Aunt Becca

Anonymous said...

I'd beg for an update on your blog, but I hate to see this cute picture go. I love you guys!

The Grandmother