sorry folks, we've been a little tired around here and the blog has taken a backseat. i'm kind of at a loss for updates now that i feel like our days revolve around wake up early, take em to beth's, go to work, come home, feed em, go to bed early, repeat. last week i worked my first full week and it felt looooong. the thought of having a second child feels so far away and impossible (don't worry not that we were planning on it anytime soon anyway). in fact it makes me so tired i can' t even seem to muster up the strength to use capitals in this post :) we head to knoxville to meet bella this weekend, so we'll have a BIG FUN post when we get home!


Daniel and Kristi Redding said...

Meeting Carver would account for a fun blog post too...

KatieKate said...

Oh, man. That photo just slays me.

Beware the guilt that comes with having a blog... you will feel the pressure, but push it away :) DO what you can, when you can.

Of course, cute photos without words are always acceptable in the first year of parenthood.