I feel like every other time I tell a story now, it starts with "my friend who also had a baby around when I did..." I don't know if the whole world was pregnant at the same time or if you just start to notice pregnant people when you are pregnant the way you notice your car everywhere on the road after you get a new one. But either way, Emerson has gotten some great friends out of it! Some we have met, some we talk to on the phone, and some are still in their mommy's bellies and on their way! We already introduced you to little Kessler, but here are a few more that we have gotten to play with recently. I have loved my time at home getting to catch up with girlfriends, 'do lunch,' have playdates, go for walks together, etc. Oh sad day that this maternity leave is coming to an end!
Hanging out with Lilly Whoa babies! Nellie freaking out at the idea of twins...
sidenote: look at the difference in the size of their little booties!
After a walk with Laura and baby Jackson (2 days apart!) in matching strollers,
carseats, and Bundle-Mes!
Jackson is staring Emerson down because she blew out her diaper and had to borrow a onesie from him - way to make a great first impression on the boys Em!

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