2 months tomorrow

2 months already, really?? That means in just a few short weeks I return to work. Ugh. A woman told me when we were out to dinner (when this picture was taken) that she had been listening to an NPR broadcast about the amount of leave women get in other countries. While enticing...I think I'll stay put and prepare myself for crying the first few days (or weeks) that I return to work. How about this little ham face that Em is making in this picture? She is super smiley these days, especially in the mornings when she wakes up and sees one of us. This might change over the next few days as we officially had our 'last' slumber party last night with her sleeping in our room. Today starts one sad transition, which is putting her in her own little crib in her own little room to sleep. This might not be as big of a deal if her room wasn't upstairs and ours down...but it is, so it feels super far away. I'm sure she won't be the only one crying it out tonight :) [insert plea for prayers for us this week!]

Here is a great example of her smiley self - I'm pretty sure this was taken right after her daddy fed her - another favorite time of her day! We have started our family 'flex week' with Terry working 4 long days and being home with us on Fridays. He might not be the happiest guy ever on Wednesday nights when he's already worked 30 hours, but man is it worth it on Fridays when we are all home together - 3 more of those to go before he is the lucky one that gets to stay in bed and hang out with her all day while I go back to work! But we took advantage of our long weekend this weekend and stayed busy taking down Christmas decorations and trying to get/stay organized in our new life. I told Terry yesterday that the thing I wanted to accomplish in 2010 was figuring out how to be a great (not just good) wife and mom; balance work and find a way to not have to work so much; keep my house clean and life organized; have a healthy dinner on the table every night; still hang out with friends; and lose my remaining baby weight. Hmm...that is a RATHER large order and I feel pretty sure it will take me all year and then some to accomplish this. But I'm determined. If I can't do it with one kiddo (and a dog) then my sanity might not make it to be ready for a second kiddo (in a few years, don't worry)!

Speaking of that dog, she also wanted to wish you all a late Merry Christmas...this picture might also double as an ad on the days that she's driving me crazy and I consider putting her on Craigslist as a gift to someone else! (Don't worry Salem, I only half-way mean it - in fact today I don't mean it at all, but yesterday when Terry could have dropped Emerson because he tripped over you under his feet in the kitchen, well then...I at least half-way meant it.)

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Rebecca said...

oh beautiful Em, I miss her already. so very perfect. you ended up getting a great shot of Salem with the bow....mine was not so great. Enjoy the rest of your no work January!