Showering the Pea with Love, Love, Love

Had a great weekend in Winston this past weekend being eventful finding mirrors for the bathrooms in the house - we're down to the final details! - furniture for the babe's room, and having her first shower!

It felt like de ja vous of my bridal luncheon since we were at Rebecca's mom's house (which I sadly realized afterwards, maybe this was the last event we will have there!) with a lot of my dear friends who were in our wedding, and several of my mom's dearest friends who have been like second, third, and extra mothers in my life. Not that I need extra moms, because we all know I have the greatest one in the world! Laura agrees!But there are a few girls who might argue that they feel the same way about their own moms, and they are the ones who threw this shower for the Pea.
[Side note - please look at these blonde headed/dark headed matches in daughters and moms with Rebecca and Kelly. This is hilarious and scary to me all at the same time - What will I do if this baby girl comes out with BLONDE hair?! After all, Terry did have blonde curls until he was 6!]

Kelly and I have been friends since were were together since middle school; have known Rebecca since 3rd grade, and Steph has been with me since my 102.1 jamz listening days in highschool. Kelly has led the way for us with her family and I feel like we were just having her baby shower! Instead, she was there with her precious Jackson and 9 month old Katie, and I'm so glad to not be the total pioneer of this road! (You would think I was having a baby boy for sure with all of the blue in this picture - thank goodness for that strap of pink in my shoes!) These girls did so much for this fun lunch shower including my favorite chicken salad, putting a fan by my chair at lunch, getting me the most fabulous diaper bag, delicious pink lemonade cake squares with precious little birds on it that matched the invitations and the mobile in her room. The bird theme, by the way has been completely unplanned. I saw a mobile in a nursery while on a house tour months and months ago that I loved and scoured the internet for. The closest thing I could find to it was this. In case you don't want to look at this link, it was $110. Did you just spit out your drink? Yes, I did too when I found it. So I turned to crafty Katie Kate to see if she thought she could recreate it for me. She was up for the task, but I was still determined to find it. Terry said he would go knock on the door of the house where we saw it, but before we got around to that, we were on a trip to the Pottery Barn Outlet in SC looking for other things for the house when VOILA. There it was, the very mobile I'd been scouring the internet for! For fifteen dollars. Yes, that's right. Fifteen dollars. I was beyond excited! And the girls didn't even know about the mobile when they picked the invitation or decided to do the cakes. Definitely meant to be, huh?I had a blast getting to love on and be loved on by these wonderful girls and women in my life and was so blessed by all of the fun and wonderful things they brought to shower the sweet Pea with. Our guest room/storage room/ironing room/where to store laundry while it's waiting to be folded room is SERIOUSLY filling up. That September closing on the house can't come soon enough!


KatieKate said...

Darling... everything is just darling. SO glad you found the mobile!!! And the diaper bag is so incredibly awesome.

I'm wondering if you, despite my deliquency, managed to get some answers on the cloth diaper situation? If you haven't, I shall write you directly... just don't want to overload your brain right now :)

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

I am pretty excited about my mobile - though I know you would have created something equally darling had I been able to find a bird pattern! :)

Yes brain is overloaded on cloth diaper info despite your delinquency. I forgive you...if you still come to visit. Waiting to hear on our daycare situation - it will determine cloth vs disposables for us unfortunately. Hopefully some fabulous person will come and want to keep our child for minimum wage - and then I'm all cloth girl! Do such people exist? Let's hope so!

Louise said...

I told you I would take some years off and keep little Minnow!

KatieKate said...

Seriously? The day care won't accept all-in-ones? Where all they have to do is put the dirty diaper (poo and all) in a special wet bag you give them and then put on a new (completely pre-assembled) diaper? That's a little frustrating.

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

Yes, I KNOW - ridiculous. Sanitary reasons they say. Because it's any less sanitary than putting a dirty disposable in a trash bag??

KatieKate said...

Yes. Let's put poop in a pail where every child touches and gnaws and licks all day long... but forget the wet bag that sits innocently out on the back porch. Whatever.

I understand it's a huge adjustment for larger places, but if they just THINK a little bit it woul dbe ok!