Playing House

Let's pretend that this is our new house and this is our new car in front of our new house. Well, it isn't our new house (although we do have one of those!) and this isn't our new car. Because the one we bought last night is black! Family car, here we come/here we are!

Terry has been researching and researching cars for us like crazy and we started the official dreaded go-to-the-dealerships-hunt this past weekend. We realized last night that in the span of the short 2.5 years that we have been married, we have had FIVE cars. Granted, some of them were held together by bungee cords and got broken into and we only had for 3 months and others we bought with cash and are laps of luxury. And maybe we could say 6 modes of transportation since some of us took the bus to most days for several months (I like that about myself, is that okay?) :)

We hunted Saturday and found some pretty good options, but ick, the best one we found was a gold car. I'm not talking like champagne gold, I mean like bling bling GOLD. We considered painting it. Seriously. It would have made for great before and after photos. But then last night we landed right smack in the middle of the Lord's favor and a great haggling phase of my pregnancy and while we started looking at a much older car with way more miles on it, we ended up in a much newer car with very few miles on it, a warranty, it doesn't need to be painted, and is only slightly more than we were paying to lease our little two-door totally impractical but very fun while it lasted car!

November is fast approaching and with all of the things I have read about the hassle of installing car seat bases, this should give us just enough time to figure out how to install ours and let someone tell us we've done it wrong and fix it for us! Also fast approaching is the move-in for the house! Floors start getting stained on Friday, and we close on the 4th and move in on the SIXTH - SO SOON!!!! Sorry for the lack of pictures, really got to get the flash fixed on my camera - one more thing to check off the list of things to do before baby Bruce comes (put together crib, get nursery ready, move into and settle* into house, new car - check, name baby Bruce...) you know, small things.

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KatieKate said...

woooo hooooo! Big times for the BRuces! So much going on...

come pick me up in your new car and we'll go get ice cream.