We continue to be amazed by the abundance of love in our lives and how many sweet people love us so well. When we moved to Charlotte from Durham, we did so with a main driving factor away from Durham being that we just didn't have a community there. We will continue to tell our friends who are getting married that we believe community is one of the most important things you need (especially) in your first year of marriage. And we can say that because of the over-abundance of blessing that was poured out on us when we moved here and found such an amazing community of dear friends. We had no idea what awaited us here, but we are so thankful that we followed the Lord's call here! Already living lives both full of supportive families and dear friends living near and far, 'our cups runneth over' with our friends here in Charlotte.

Several amazing people in the "App Family" and beyond traveled to be with us this weekend while we got to be loved on by all of these wonderful people while we celebrated this sweet baby girl coming into our family in a short 11 weeks!

We think these pictures pretty adequately show a whole lot of love going around -
for us, for the Pea, and from us.
Flemuce Love

Kat isn't just pointing at her wine, which she loves,
but her cup reads 'Aunt Kat,' she thinks it's great!

With the hostesses with the mostest in their hostess aprons - I heart these girls.

A whole lot of love

You might notice seeing a lot of Kat in these photos - it's because she deserves to be highlighted because she made an amazing gift for the Pea's room. She rocks. Aren't these great??? It was a total surprise! There are 3 of them, but I don't have enough hands to hold them all, sorry.

And in the midst of this, we know that another sign of the abundance of blessings in our lives right now is this new home that we are soon (September 6th!!!) to move into. I may or may not be having break downs every few days or so right now being overwhelmed by all of this going on at the same time, and all that is left to do to be ready for 'all of these things' (read: baby and house) - but we are nonetheless so stinkin' excited. And you will be so stinkin' excited to know that we finally have pictures to share with you!

We have house numbers and (some) grass!
Staining of the porch and under happens this weekend.We are both sort-of obsessed with our porch.
Love the view. Love the stain on the ceiling. Love the fan.
Love the sconce lights.
Love the pricing of special orders from Lowes!We also kind of love our kitchen.
The electrician comes today to hang 2 more pendants over the island like the one over the sink. They match the one over the kitchen table that looks like this:And this is what is hiding under the covering on the island.
What can I say, we also kind of love this!And there is carpet in the nursery and Guest room, and we can't walk in the house for the next 4 days because the floors are being stained as I type and as you read -
we cannot WAIT to see them finished!

And if you aren't exhausted yet by the abundance of this post, the final pictures are of the family-mobile - this time, our car in front of our house!


KatieKate said...

Aw, Ellen... everything for the house looks AMAZING. I love it. And LOVE the birdies collages. SO great!

Becky said...

talk about an amazing surprise?!?! A great blog post and its not even Wednesday. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Bec said...

I forgot to TELL you that I saw my very apron on TV today! On an episdoe of Two and a Half Men - I felt cooler than cool. :)

Ross and Amy Free said...

Best part about the new house? NO RATS!!! Seriously, it all looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am SO excited FOR you! I'm confessing a little envy for those aprons. If I give you a shower, can I have one too? The house is BEAUTIFUL! You and T are beautifuller. Minnow Pea will be the beautifullest of all! (In the First Grade mind, these words are all correct!)

The Happy Grandma

amy free said...

Ellen! Seeing all this excitement in your life brings tears to my eyes! I'm so happy for you and your growing little family. Miss you dearest!

Lynn said...

I love the Bruces!