lucky me. one of my favorite (not that i have favorites...) kids from work turned 5 and her sweet mama decided to divert from the traditional studio photos for the first time to get some home shots. oh to be celebrating only being f-i-v-e again. no mortgages, no 8-6 jobs, no laundry, no mouths to feed and no house to clean (other than those of your baby dolls and the rooms of the doll house). lucky me - MORE than happy to get to live vicariously through her and celebrate - and this family has taught me that everything is worth celebrating. every. thing.

the cute o'toole family

sweet lovin' on each other

precious sean and the fabulous five year old maura

REALLY. these kids could not be cuter.

these are things that make me want to change professions.

then again, i wouldn't have these kiddos if i didn't have my current profession.

full of the abundance of life - exactly what i hope to capture every time.

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KatieKate said...

You have been hiding this from me? You did not think I would find you?

Lovely pictures, girlie :)