Puppy Love

Meet Salem.
The Bruce dog.
Look at all of the angles and the way her hair grows on her chest and belly.
I love this about her. She looks so shiny in this picture -
as if I brush her or bathe her regularly.
Yeah right, like that is in my daily schedule or something.
I gave up after my $50 Furminator was stolen from our loft.

Meet Ruby.
She's the neighbor dog.
Ruby used to be scared of other dogs, especially big dogs...especially excited dogs.
(this of course is the definition of Salem)

Be afraid no longer Ruby!
Salem and Ruby are now the best of buds - true puppy love (nevermind that they are both girls). It totally reminds me of The Fox and the Hound. Again, nevermind that one of them isn't a fox and neither of them hunt. You get the idea. I love that movie and I feel the need to relate to it - Ruby and Salem are giving me that window, let me jump in! (or out...)

Salem was taunting Ruby in the front yard the other day with this stick straight out of Ruby's yard, chasing her in circles and finally gave in and let Ruby catch up with her. They laid in the front yard in the grass (don't look at the fact that it really needs to be cut!) for a good 20 minutes chewing on this stick together. I like the unlikely friendship between these puppies. I hope my kids have these kinds of friends. These are the friends that take us by surprise and stick with us for a long time. The kind you can chew on a stick with (read: drink a glass of wine an talk about nothing at all with), chase each other around the back yard (read: play phone tag for 3 months and then talk without missing a beat), and bark at through the screened in porch at night just because you hear each other there (read: call on the phone with nothing to say). I love these friends...and these dogs.
The best kind of friend -
the one that licks your cheek when you try to take her picture
because all she really wants to do is play catch and tug of war.
Leave me alone with that camera thing mom.

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KatieKate said...

I absolutely cannot stand the cuteness of the last photo. Bless her heart!