26 and counting

Hard to believe that this is the same boy. Other than the obvious uncertainty of water - nevermind that this cutie is a total beach baby born in Hawaii and only recently moved to LA.

That's right - the Bruces (Natalie, Dave, & Kaden) aka my free place to stay in Hawaii just moved from Kona to LA. But the real fun is that they were here in Charlotte for the weekend. Terry and I took off work Friday and we got to spend all weekend with them. I heart being a part of the Bruce family. In effort to not get sappy, I will just say, WOW, what a blessing. And if my sister thought that Terry made me a cooler person - there's no telling what more time with ALL of these family members will do for my cool points!

Weekend tidbits and highlights in picture book fashion...

Friday we just spent family time being family and catching up and being together. Saturday brought a day full of busy funness [not a word, I know]. We headed to the lake to spend the afternoon at the Dunlaps and rode on the boat while catching some rays and holding onto 58 [or 4] kids.
*Note to self: husband is going to be PRECIOUS father

I heart these pictures. This is a face that Sam makes all the time, and he really was so into this Slip & Slide after our boat ride. He would stand 20 feet back, run full speed ahead and then just totally belly flop onto the hill. Ben on the other hand just took a vertical jump into the air and landed on his belly before sliding through the water gulping in gallons of water. After watching his brother several times, he finally figured out the run & dive plan - it worked much better for him from then on. Obviously (see picture of Kaden at top) not all of us were so convinced that this was such a fun idea altogether (or at all).

Saturday night after naps and showers for all, Bob & Gloria (Grandpa &Grandma) kept all of the kids so all of us big kids could go out as couples. This was awesome. I realized I have never gotten to hang out with my brothers and sisters-in-law without the kids, and it was so great to spend time with them getting to know them, eating yummy sushi, drinking adult beverages, and discussing the highs and lows of designer jeans addicts. [*When asked what he was most surprised by about me in our marriage, Terry's answer was the cost of my jeans. HA! Good thing he loves me enough to let me continue with this addiction for the sake of both of our happiness!] Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, no pictures from this night - mostly because my camera doesn't so much fit in my clutch. All the same, great memories, and hopeful plans of yearly family reunions were made! Anyone know beach houses that sleep 26?

[*potentially, this would fit...everything but our budgets that is]

Sunday, Robert and his family came down (bringing the Bruce grand total to 18 out of 26 (not bad - the rest of you SUCKERS should move closer!) to see the clan, celebrate the twins' 11th birthday, eat more yummy food, engage in the routine Bruce Poker Challenge, and remove the toxins from our bodies through our feet. This I'm not kidding about. One great thing about Terry's parents is that they always get the newest gimicks. This one was too gross to photograph, I potentially even believe in it. Enough that I'm convinced to do a detox fast with Jen after Memorial Day! The highlight of the day was of course Kaden's drum session. [*this video is old, taken in August, I'll re-post the new video from this weekend soon] He really is a prodigy child, I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses this little boy. Amazing.

All in all, a most fabulous weekend, and I'm pretty darn excited about a little anxious about volunteering myself to plan our first family reunion. Details to follow!

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