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spring. has. sprung. HALLELUJAH.

In true celebration of this fabulous weather we took the leftovers from our cookout bash last weekend over to the Reule's house last night for a fabulous cookout full of burgers, BBQ, summer salad with strawberries and goat cheese, mac & cheese, AND bananna pudding. My stomach is still rumbling from all of that goodness.

Sweet Mama Reule (JoAnna) was such an effortless hostess with Reese's high chair tray covered in the BBQ she had eaten for dinner, and there she was in her white shirt clean as could be. Someone's going to have to help me with these things when babies come my way.

Here is sweet Reese, scoping out her choices of beverages for the night - she literally picked up each one, looked at it, and put them back down.

Finally, she decided to forego the beers, and stick to all the nice cylinder shaped ice filling the bucket to suck on and nurse her teething gums. Much like the beer bottles, she picked up each cube of ice, sucked it (gave it to me to suck on), put it on the ground, and waited for me to throw it into the bushes before she picked out another one. Just precious. I heart this little girl and her sweet baby cheeks and thighs. Too bad these things aren't cute all through our life!

By the way, being around babies and their mom's who don't work but just stay home and love their babies, nest in their home and go for walks and sip wine while they cook is NOT a good form of birth control for me. Sorry Reule's, we might have to cut back on our hang out time...

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