Free, Free, I'm Free at Last...

With our one year anniversary around the corner, I've been reflecting on marriage and realized I should have posted this long ago (since this blog thing hasn't been so consistent for me yet!)

Our sweet friends Amy and Ross got married in the Fall, and I had the huge privilege of taking their wedding photos with my lovely assistant and husband.

Amy and Ross ooze love and gentle spirits, service, and pure joy. Such a fun wedding filled with special moments and personal touches. Amy and her girls made all of their boquets while the boys played golf and filled luminary bags; and the rehearsal dinner was decked out with Jones soda bottles (red and blue for their school spirit) with their picture on the labels!

I loved this picture as I took it with the long lines of both of their tall selves against these Fall trees with Amy's gorgeous and simple long veil billowing under her. Even though it is over-exposed and pretty soft, it ended up being one of my favorite pictures of them as it captured how happy they really were on this exciting day!

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