The Evil Empire vs Me

Here is an evil empire that I have many choice words about. None of them are PG, none are appropriate for the church going crowd, and all I have learned from John Kessler (sorry to call you out John).

Let's replay this story. Boy and girl move out of loft, boy and girl move into home. Cable company comes over, man tells boy they need a grounding rod so their tv doesn't explode in their faces for that VERY high likelihood that lightning will strike our cable, travel through the cord, to our tv and make it explode. He'll have to come back another time. Boy buys grounding rod from great home improvement store. Cable Man #2 comes over. 20 minutes early. Cable men are never early. Says he only will wait 15 minutes for boy to get to house. Boy speeds, and uses choice words learned by John Kessler. Cable Man #2 leaves normal cable box (read, not HD for which we just bought a new TV), and doesn't set up internet. Girl is mad. Boy trades out cable box at cable company headquarters. Cable box (#3!) works...except it doesn't record - hello, what is the point of digital cable without DVR? Cable company sends box #3 new signal to 'fix' it. Cable box stops working at all. Girl trades out cable box. IT WORKS. For a day and a half. IT STOPS WORKING. one minute before the UNC/Kansas game. Girl calls hated cable company. Lovely receptionist woman tells her girl she will get someone out there "very soon." Wednesday. 5 days away. Lovely receptionist woman also tells girl "they're getting killed." Yes, this is in reference to girls' favorite UNC Tarheels, which the lovely receptionist woman is watching in her cube at hated cable company headquarters while girl is stuck in her cozy home with many friends, trying to entertain, and unable to, because the evil empire is out to get her.

So basically what I'm saying, is Roy, I know how you feel about Kansas and the way your Tarheels played this weekend. But I think you could express yourself better (and maybe your team would have won) without that tie.

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