Code Orange Revival & What Lives Under My Bed

How's that for a post title?

First things first.  Well, actually, no let's go with second things first because they are less important and quicker. Quicker?  More quick?  Hmm...either way.  The second (first) thing is just a quick declutter update.  When I looked at this week's activities, I was already dreading today's - clean out under the bed.  Not so much because I store so much under my bed, but it is a king size bed, so technically I could store a lot under that bed.  There were, and are mostly suitcases, hanging bags, and backpacks.  Plus the TV stand for our TV before we mounted it on that wall [maybe more on that later how I always said I would never have a TV in my bedroom and now have a huge one - don't worry, one month's challenge this year is no TV in the bedroom for a month at night].  But I digress.  Back to what other things are under our bed.  That TV stand, a guitar case, and some nun-chucks.  Yes.  Nun-chucks.  You should all rest better now knowing how safe I am with my husband beside me and those nun-chucks within constant reach - see?
Haha.  Oh my husband, how could you not love him?  
(He got them at a flea market for $2 in Asheville with this crazy crew and is proficient with them - my protector!)

All that to say, there isn't much under my bed, so it wasn't that terrible - though there was dust, lots of dust.  So, it wasn't what was under my bed that was making me anticipate this task...rather, what has been under my bed.  Don't know what has been under my bed?  Go ahead and amuse yourself with my trauma by catching up on the following links:  here, here,and here. (Sorry those are sort of in backwards order and don't give the whole story - but you'll get the gist when you read these and find out that that THING was actually living in the boxsprings of our bed.)  Thankfully there was none of that under the bed tonight when I cleaned out. That, and I haven't been missing any underwear recently.  But I did feel anxiety when I flashed the flashlight around under there.  

Now for thing number two, which is really thing number one.  Our church is doing an amazing 12 day revival called Code Orange Revival.  For more info on the revival and why it is called Code Orange, etc go here.  Tonight was the kick off night, and it was awesome.  I didn't get to go but it is all being streamed live online, so I hooked the computer up to the TV and enjoyed it all from my sofa.  It was awesome to have the worship streamed online and get to be a part of it that way.  It starts online every night at 6:12, and then re-broadcasts online for the next 24 hours at 10:12pm, 3:12am, and 12:12pm before the next one begins.  There are amazing speakers lined up, and we can't wait to be a part of it for the next 12 nights.  Now, go be a part of it also and get online and watch tonight's, and tomorrow nights, and the next.  You get the point. d

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Anonymous said...

You will never need a burglar alarm. Just print out that picture of Terry and tape it up by the front door. Beware of Terry. Way to go on cleaning out under the bed. I pretended not to see that day when I looked at the January calendar. Love you!!