The Mr.

Hello World!!! (I say that with tongue in cheek) I think there about 5 people that read our blog on a regular basis. It kind of feels like we are Vertical Horizon in the late 90’s and we keep coming back to Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem to same crowd, but it’s ok because we play for the love of the music.

This is my inaugural entry to our Blog, so I will try to make sense and not say anything stupid or my wife won’t let me on again.

I am writing to update on our Rat/Small Creature drama that we have been experiencing recently. Some of you know that we have been dealing with this devil rat for almost 2 months now. We have had fun experiences of late night screaming and jumping on the bed (it likes to wake us up in our room at 3:30 for some reason) finding that half our kitchen has been devoured and finding little presents all over the house. This mouse is truly amazing and I think they should make a movie about it.
Just imagine the strength of Mighty Mouse,
the appetite of Ratatouille
and the smarts of Jerry.

It has successfully survived every kind of trap that we have set, been unfazed by the poison that an exterminator left in the crawl space and attic. It has eaten a whole host of food products:

A whole loaf of bread
A whole bag of marshmallows
Hershey’s candy bar
Bag of coconut
Bag of walnuts

Container of pine nuts (do you know how much pine nuts cost?!)
Can of breadcrumbs
Sleeve of graham crackers
Packs of Gum
Not to mention chewed through the water hose of the fridge and used our underwear as its bed.

The Exterminator said that it was at least a Rat based on the foot prints, well much to our surprise they have gotten bigger. We can tell because it goes into the fire place or comes in through the fire place so it gets ash on its paws and then walks on the black tile around our fire place. Yesterday we were driving through our neighborhood and we saw a sign that said Lost Ferret, holy snikeys I hope that is not the creature that have been enjoying late night romps in our house! Even worse what if we find it one day caught it our giant Rat trap that would be a tough call to the neighbor…

Anyway if anyone has any ideas how to catch/kill/maim a rat that has Wake Forest type test scores please due share. Apparently my Appalachian education has failed me on this one.

In the mean time this has been the Mr. over and out.

Terry Michael Jerome Bruce.

Oh yeah, into week 8, doing well - doctor's appointment Friday, get to hear the heartbeat!


Louise said...

Way to go on your first blog post T.

When I read,

"I am writing to update on our Rat/Small Creature drama that we have been experiencing recently. "

I thought you were talking about little Baby Bruce!

Love you and can't wait to see you peeps this weekend.


Michael and Lynn said...

Hilarious!!! Well done Terry. I can just imagine you telling this story out loud-but it would have been better if I told it... :)

Bec said...


I also am shocked to find out ON HERE that your wife has an appointment today and y'all will hear the heartbeat. For the love, Bruces...

KatieKate said...

Yep- I thought the rat dramam was reffering to Baby Bruce and I was about to com eover and regulate.

But now I will NOT because there is a CREATURE in your house!!!

And Bec... let us not be calling keetles black on keeping important news hidden, eh? EHHHH?

lilotisme said...

Hi friends! I must say though it is disappointing to see that your "mouse" creature is not leaving you yet... this blog provided some great entertainment for me while I am sitting on my duff for the week "recovering" and reading about what everyone else is doing in the world so I can occupy my mind! And how did the appointment go on Friday? When do we get to see pictures of the sweet lil baby manatee? Miss you already Ellen!! :)