Friday Funnies & The Before

You know your child is hilarious when you find this in your bed...oh, hello Elmo - I see you brought some of your favorite books to bed.  And turned on some reading light.  And oh, what is that?  The Pottery Barn magazine for me?  Really, you shouldn't have.  Alright fine, you can have a sleepover.  But that's my side of the bed, so move on over.  (Don't worry, Elmo didn't really sleep in the bed with us.)

Declutter 2012 has gone alright this week with getting the laundry room tackled.  It isn't finished yet (and shouldn't be, 2 more days of decluttering!) but I do have before pictures to show.  Sorry all the pictures today are from my phone.  I'll do what everyone does and make the before pictures poor quality and poor lighting, and be sure my after pictures are taken with my camera and in great lighting!  Then you'll really be impressed with my decluttering skills!  Too bad I can't just use photoshop to declutter my laundry room. That would be nice.  Our laundry room is tricky to me because it is our only 'storage' space other than the attic space - which is also small - and under our bed - which is already decluttered.

So here is how it looks now, and some of my thoughts for what I hope it looks like by the end of the weekend include:
1. Something new to put dog food in that can 
go on the floor beside the washer
2. A 'tabletop' of some sort
(painted plywood?) to go on top of the washer/dryer
3. Some sort of bins for that shelf (wicker baskets? galvanized buckets? votes?)

What?  Keeping Emerson's arts & craft supplies in a Victoria's Secret bag isn't a good idea?

The door idea, of course, came from here, but of course mine didn't turn out quite as well as hoped/envisioned, so it also will be included on the declutter plan for this room for round 2.  Here was the inspiration:

Come back next week hopefully for the hopefully organized and beautiful after-pictures that will be so great I will be inspired to pin something from my own house! 

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Anonymous said...

I am IMPRESSED with the organization. LOVED the picture of Elmo in bed! No pictures of my favorite little girl? What?!