Usually I am the one behind the camera at our house as I am sure you can tell because there are very few pictures that have me in them.  I got this cute wooden camera before Em was born, as inspired by who other than Tara Whitney when I had seen it on her blog a long time ago.  I loved it, and in general love wooden toys.  This sits on Emerson's bookshelf beside her rocker where we read stories every night, and after stories, Emerson practices saying 'cheese' while Terry takes her picture with her camera, and then she turns it around on him and practices taking his picture.  She loves looking through the hole and pressing the little 'shutter' button. 

Last weekend, Rebecca was in town Friday night and she had her real camera with her during bedtime routine and story time.  She snapped this cute picture of Em taking her picture as well as the next one of story time.  Her cute little tongue has been sticking out of her mouth a lot recently while she is concentrating or really enjoying something.  It is hilarious.  And I L-O-V-E story time with this girl.  She is so snuggly and so smart, if I do say so myself.

On our normal Saturday morning trip to Owen's Bagels, I even got to be in front of the camera for a quick snap of a picture with my favorite little girl.  Even though she isn't smiling, I just love this picture of her with her big eyes and gorgeous curls.  I never knew I'd have a little one with blonde hair, blue eyes, and big curls, but I sure do love her this way, and I am more than proud to be her mama - even if it is not well documented in photographs!  As her mama, I am super looking forward to a long weekend off of work with her - happy Memorial Day weekend!


Emily G. said...

BEAUTIFUL pic of you and Emerson!!!!!!! You're right, us moms always take the pics and are never in them....bless Rebecca!!

PS are our girls ever gonna meet or what!? I think they'd be BFF

Anonymous said...

I mean, seriously!! How did a dark skin, almost black hair, dark brown eyes mama like you ever have a blondie with blue eyes? BEAUTIFUL!!!

The unbiased grandmother

Kristi Redding said...

Love this picture of you two!

We are the Rutledge's said...

Please update soon. Love, your friends who moved and want to see new pics of your daughter.