Year in Review

Happy Birthday to me and welcome back to the 21st Century, we have the internet back in our house.  I will actually say that it was a mostly welcome relief to be unplugged from the internet at home this year, thanks to having internet on my phone for looking up take-out orders, directions, and last minute necessities.  But, I have not enjoyed being so far behind on storing and organizing (nevermind printing!) pictures of Emerson - and I know some of you haven't either based on the hard time(s) you have given me.  So I'll recap the last 6 months with my favorite pictures of the month and remain for now, unpromising of what next year will look like on this blog.  

June: Emerson loves baking/cooking; we went to the Asheboro zoo on our way to cousin Caleb's party where Emerson spent the day in the baby pool; and Carver came to visit and even spend the night!

July: This was a FUN month - Emerson and I spent part of a week at Windy Gap with Molly and Bella, and we were all in Emory with my family for the 4th of July (please don't miss the collision that happened on the
slip and slide!

August: Played outside naked in the water lots as all children should in the summer; saw Bella again and spent a lot of the weekend playing in a fort; had a day at the lake and birthday celebration with and for cousins; and even wore pigtails for the first time!

September: As if we weren't having enough fun...we spent the day at a local petting zoo, and Terry and I got to go to our first Red Sox game at Fenway on the 4th row with Kat and spend a long weekend with Terry's family in Boston.  We got to cross a big something off our bucket list with that trip to Fenway.

October: We had the cutest cupcake ever for Halloween - who is clearly a blast and a trip; hung out around the house some more to enjoy family time (whilst wearing Mr Potato Head's glasses upside down, frequently); said goodbye to Dave & Natalie as they moved back to Hawaii; and enjoyed some festivals around Charlotte thanks to the view from Terry's shoulders.

November: Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of pictures from November - but we did celebrate Emerson's 2nd birthday, dedication at church and spent great time with family for Thanksgiving.  You can read more about those things here, here, and here.  Otherwise - here is how we celebrated her birthday at home, thanks to a fun idea (God bless you, Pinterest) to decorate her floor in balloons when she woke up, which was maybe her favorite thing in her life to date.

December thus far: We got our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and Em had a fun time decorating with us.  We have snuggled around the house lots reading books and the best part is that Emerson can pretty much recite the Christmas story/birth of Jesus with a few prompts which is really sweet.  This morning we went to Lowes where they had a kids' celebration including Santa!

Happy 2011, here's to coming back in 2012!


Laura said...

So happy to see an update. :) I hope you'll stick around in 2012! xo

Emily G. said...

LOVE all the pics! Sweet Em is just too cute.

Had a great time visiting with you and your sweet hubbie this weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Life is not complete until you have heard Em say, "No fanks," and "Zsaesh." I love this little girl so much!!!


bmerrill said...

Finally and update, thank you! Berman sent me this link and it's so good to see how you're doing. I can't believe you were in Boston. We could have met up! Next time.


Kristi Redding said...

Hooray for blog updates!!!