Story Time

 Emerson LOVES to read.  We read 3 books every time before she goes to sleep both at nap time and at night - we're a little rigid in our schedule...but at least it seems to have worked GLORIOUSLY since she is a great sleeper and sleeps from 6:30pm - 7am every day.  Sometimes we like to get crazy and switch up the order and even the books.  We always read Goodnight Moon, but the other two books we change out every few weeks when she starts to get tired of one or when we get a new one that I am excited about.  Our whole family can recite Goodnight Moon from memory, so that one is easy.  Recently, my mom gave us one of my old books called "I Can Read" which Emerson loves because we point to our nose, mouth, tickle her back, wave our hands, stick our feet up in the air, and point to mom and dad.  We tend to only read these books at bedtime so she knows it is bedtime, but recently she has really enjoyed climbing up in the rocking chair and reading them to herself during the day [after having chosen some winter boots from Bella that are two sizes too big currently that she would please like to wear with her shorts and tshirt during the gloriously warm weather that we had this weekend].  Beth also started reading Corduroy with her this past week, so we've added it to our lucky bedtime 3 - I ad lib this one, so it's different each night, which Terry really enoys.  Emerson's favorite part is the dramatic 'pop-boom-bang-crash' that Beth started with her when Corduroy pulls the button off the mattress and crashes to the floor.  We get a great belly laugh out of her every time. 

Nevermind the Pottery Barn chair her size that we got her for her room that is her size - she mostly loves the big chair that we sit in together for story time at night and even tries to rock back and forth to get herself moving. 

We had a great weekend this past weekend with Laura in town and the gorgeous weather, several trips to the park - including Emerson's first picnic...and two trips to Yoforia.  God bless frozen yogurt.  This family is ready for spring to come and to spend more time outside!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I adore these pics of Emerson reading. I may need to print one to frame for myself, or put on my fridge :) I am SO jealous that she sits still...Carver rarely does. I read to him, of course... while he runs laps around me. I usually close the door at least so that he can't actually leave the room while I am reading to him :)

Lynn said...

cutest. thing. ever!!

amy free said...

She is so beautiful and grown up... love her!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those pictures! Her grammy's heart is melting in Winston Salem!