Photo Catch Up

In case you wonder what we've been doing for the past few months, here we go....Emerson was a chicken for Halloween and she wore part of her costume for Halloween that Mom made but made too small on day #1

...then she wore the whole costume on day 2 after Mom re-made part of it...it sort of fell apart by the end of the night

Turned 1 and got to eat cupcakes or birthday cake THREE days in a row

Here was her first cupcake - she ate EVERY. SINGLE. BITE.

Went shopping for our Christmas Tree and loved finding all of the little ornaments on it!  Her favorites were the Santas and she perfected saying 'ho ho ho' every time she saw one!

The tree skirt made a great dress for Em!

We went to a Christmas light display late one night at Lowes Motor Speedway

They had a little petting zoo area which Emerson loved!

We cheered on the Mountaineers of course...

Enjoyed celebrating a great Christmas with family.  Here she is at her new table from my mom which is so sweet and she loves having her own place to sit and play, snack, and draw!

....had a WHITE Christmas!

Emerson was less than sure about the snow

She gets lots of smooches from her daddy who is trying to capitalize on her not being embarassed yet by this!

We're working on self-feeding.  Here is how well it went with hummus one night...not sure if she actually ate any of it or just face painted.  The spoon got ditched early in the process.

Ditto on the yogrt.  We love this Trader Joes yogurt for the record.

Emerson loves Salem and loves to pet her, sit with her, give her treats, feed her a bone, throw the ball with her....and shake her finger at her and tell her 'bad dog,' we don't know where she learned that one...

We met Bella & her mommy in Emory for a fun quick weekend get together, these girls love playing together, especially in the bath!

Emerson always loves her bath - especially if there's someone to play with in there!

Terry's brother David and family moved to Charlotte from LA and spent a few nights with us when they got here - what fun having cousins around!  Mikayla and Emerson are just one week apart!

She loves reading books - especially ones with farm animals or flap books!  We snuggle in bed or on the couch most mornings before she leaves for Beth's and we leave for work for some reading time.  It is the best.

This girl could not be cuter. 

So if you've been wondering what we could have been doing that has kept us too busy to blog, here are just a few of the things.  We cannot believe that our little peanut is 15 months old and walking (running!!!), talking, and showing us her precious personality more and more every day. 

More to come...


Emily G. said...

Oh how I've missed you and Emerson's SWEET smiling face!!!! You have been busy busy.

A few things:
1. I love all the hair she's getting in. Looks so beautiful with those baby blues!
2. That snack/craft table is just too cute.
3. You are brave to try self-feeding! :)
4. I am jealous that Em is walking but no so much on the running LOL

Kristi Redding said...

Oh, this just makes my heart smile :)I love every single picture, I can't pic a favorite...but the picture wearing the tree skirt is awesome. Precious, adorable baby girl. I can't wait for more updates! Seriously, I just want to squeeze her. And hug your neck :)

Emmy's Favorite Aunt said...

Makes me even MORE excited for this weekend! Eeeek! :)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Putting all those cute pictures on here was a good present for Emmy's Grammy!!!