Winter Wonderland

I would have blogged last week, but we were trapped - actually, stranded - in Asheville! As we drove smack into the heart of the enormous winter storm last Friday, I thought to myself, 'self, are you already an irresponsible parent and your child is only 6 weeks old?' Then I looked over at my husband who has hours worth of driving in the snow from living in Boone and felt a little more confident - all of that 'testing the limits of his car in the snow' finally paid off! And I figured if we had gotten stranded on the side of the road, Emerson had food (me!) and heat (Terry!) so we'd make it okay!

We had planned to go to Biltmore Friday night for the candlelight tour because Terry has never been and he loves those kinds of things (Biltmore) and especially since it involved serious Christmas decorations. We got into Asheville just in time to eat lunch at our all time favorite, Tupelo Honey Cafe and then headed to our hotel. On our way we saw multiple wrecks and even some cars flipped over! Once we made it into the hotel, we were there for the long haul. Terry ventured across the street to get the essentials from the grocery - frozen pizzas, chips, drinks, cookies and peanuts - what a way to be snowed in! Thank goodness for the microwave and fridge in our room. Our hotel parking lot was a ZOO - people got stuck left and right trying to pull in, and when we looked out the window in the morning, we saw that people had parked all in the road leading up to the hotel where they had gotten stuck and just left their cars there. We were glad we had gotten settled before the 17" of snow settled in! But, I figured it didn't matter if we got snowed in, Emerson and I would be doing what we do all day at home anyway: eat, sleep and watch tv! (This isn't entirely true, I'm much more productive at home these days and she will now sleep places other than on my chest or in my arms.) Seriously though who would want to put this bundle down?!After some good family snuggle time in the hotel, we were able to make it to Biltmore Saturday night for the tour - it was great! I carried Emerson in her sling and she slept the entire time and we loved seeing all of the decorations and it was just what we needed to get us especially into the Christmas mood! More on Christmas later in the week- can't spoil you with it all in one overdue post. We ate breakfast Sunday morning at another favorite restaurant in Asheville - Early Girl Eatery - and then headed back down the mountain once the roads were clear to a dry, snow free Charlotte. It was an adventure and I'm so glad we went - it was a great first snow for her and a fun family get away!

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Lynn said...

I LOVE Tupelo Honey!!! What a doll Emerson is...just freakin' adorable and yes, I wish I could hold her on my chest everyday :)