Easter Sunday

Sorry that it has taken me a whole week to post about one weekend - but clearly it was a fun and packed weekend!  Hopefully you read about our Easter service at Elevation, and then you'll know why we were excited to get back home for church.  It was such an awesome celebration and reminder of what Christ has done for us.  Emerson has just recently started to do well in the nursery, but she still melts down at the end if we aren't the first people to get there to pick her up.  Once other parents coming, if they are there before us she is always crying once we get there.  So recently I've been going to get her after the sermon ends and bringing her back in for the last song.  She was so funny this week dancing and bouncing around.  She loves it.  The worship team at Elevation is incredible.  Here is a video I found on You Tube so you can get a taste.  And if you didn't already check out the service, seriously, go watch it here.  Parts of the service were 3D, but don't worry, you can watch it in 2D and skip the glasses (which by the way, I'm terrible at watching things in 3D - I kept closing one eye and then the other, totally defeating the purpose and making everything look either all blue or all red)!  I think that the sermon is recorded at the Matthews campus maybe - we go to the Uptown campus - an aside, for those of you who this makes sense to. 

After church, we decided to go out to lunch since we had been out of town the rest of the weekend, so I hadn't gone to the store or fixed anything.  We had a delicious brunch at our favorite neighborhood spot, Zada Jane's.  Emerson, in true Emerson fashion, was a total ham and enjoyed entertaining everyone there.  She has learned to cover her mouth when she coughs, which is hilarious (and that's what is happening in the first picture.  The rest are clearly just cute :)

Please notice that she is holding rocks in her hands in all of these pictures - I wasn't kidding when I told you she loves to carry something small around with her at all times.  'Nuts' as she refers to them are currently her favorite things in the world (this could include acorns, rocks, bark, mulch, sticks etc)

She already opened a great, fun Easter basket from Grammy which hopefully you saw pictures of on my sister's blog when you also saw the hula pictures.  So we saved her Easter basket for after she got up from her nap.  She loved (trying to) blowing the bubbles, putting stickers on paper, opening all the eggs, and eating her favorite little bunny crackers most of all.  She regretted her decision of dumping the Easter basket out at the end as she dug for more treasure in it, because she was not such a fan of how the Easter grass felt - but then again, who is? 

We had such a great weekend and now I'm enjoying looking at these sweet pictures of her from my bed in a hotel in Nashville while we are here for an intern wedding and she is enjoying camp Grammy & camp Beth! The only bad news from the trip thus far, other than how much I miss her, is that my sleeping in plan has thus failed, despite sleeping pills, and I've been awake at 6:45 both mornings so far. I have 2 more mornings to try. Please sleep in body, PLEASE.


Emily G. said...

good luck with the sleeping in thing. I have been waking up at 6 am for 3.5 yrs. sucks.

love the bird shirt - I know where she got that one from!! :)

and...oh my....the red shoes...TOO CUTE!!

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

Thanks - they are actually hot pink - got them off Zulily (do you know about it?!)

WE LOVE the bird shirt from Aunt B - so so so cute!

I waved at Murfreesboro as we passed signs :)

Kristi Redding said...

Love the family picture! Actually I love all of them-- you do such an incredible job of capturing her personality in the pictures :) Carver loves to carry rocks (etc.) around with him also. He always has his hands full.

Becky said...

maybe Emerson will have fidget issues like me!! Aunt Kelly will have a fit if she does :) love the shirt too!