Easter Saturday

We kept ourselves busy Easter weekend, but it was also so relaxing and didn't feel overwhelming at all.  Emerson hasn't gotten to just 'hang out' with her Grandma & Grandpa very much recently, so we planned a trip to Winston to see them.  They had something at church Friday night, so we had dinner at my mom's, which you (hopefully) saw pictures of on Laura's blog.  That hula picture is going to haunt me and crack me up for years to come.  After dinner, we headed to the Bruce house and put Emerson to bed (so handy that they have so many grandchildren so they are all stocked up on cribs, pack-n-plays, highchairs, etc. so we don't have to pack much)! 

And in case you were wondernig, YES, Emerson still looks exactly like her daddy.  This side of the family has some crazy strong genes - look at those profiles! 

We enjoyed a night with Bob & Gloria catching up before turning in for the night.  The real fun was had all day Saturday playing outside, checking out Grandma's garden...

... helping water the plants that Terry & Gloria planted while I went and got my hair cut...

 ...and walking down the street to see her cousins and Uncle Robert where she led everyone in many songs, including Baa-Baa Black Sheep, If You're Happy and You Know It, and attempts at Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes (this one is new and she is still easily embarassed) :)
We had a blast with them over the weekend, and it was a much needed restful weekend catching up with them.  I know that I am so blessed to be a part of the Bruce family - they are many in number, BIG in love and generosity, and amazing in humility and service.  I feel 'enlightened' just being with Terry's parents, and we love how they pour into our lives and help guide us and push us closer to the Lord's plan for our marriage and lives!  Bob & Gloria (Grandpa & Grandma), we are so thankful for you - thanks for a wonderful weekend and for loving us all so well!

After a delicious dinner that we got to share with Dave, Natalie, Kaden & Mikayla as well (see, I told you they were many in number!), we hopped back on the road because we wanted to be in Charlotte for church on Sunday.  It was an awesome service, which you can read more about here, and I'll tell you more about with Day 3 of our Easter weekend when I make it to that post.  We're headed out of town tomorrow night until MONDAY for our first nights away from Emerson - she's going to camp Beth & Camp Grammy for the weekend; and we know we will all have a great time, ... but I am a wee bit anxious about how much I'm going to miss her.  I hope the Ambien and increased number of sleeping hours will help sway that a little bit :)

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Kristi Redding said...

Love, love those pictures with the water hose :)