Dear Emerson.

Seriously. Could you look any more like your father? Bruce genes are the strongest genes I have ever known. You, my child, are not anything like I ever imagined you looking. You are SO MUCH cuter. You will turn 6 months old next week. I have no idea how we suddenly have a 6 month old child and not a baby anymore (I know...you are still a baby). But you are almost sitting up for more than 30-45 seconds at a time, though you still face plant if there is a toy you really want in sight; you are starting to commando crawl around on your belly if there's something to push off behind your feet and something worth crawling to in front of you. Next week, you will get to try some real food, which I know you are excited about because you keep trying to get your hands in everything your dad and I are eating if you're around it! You are growing up TOO FAST and you are precious to me little girl.
Your mama loves you, xoxo.


Daniel and Kristi Redding said...

They do seriously look so much alike :) I can't believe she is about to be 6 months already and that my little one is 4 months now. *sigh* It passes too quickly. Hope I get to see sweet Emerson again before she is walking...or starting school. Miss you and your whole precious family :)

Emily G. said...

Love that pic/her expression!

Good job on the sitting up thing! Abby is not there yet. She is top heavy (big head/cheeks/chins) so I think it's throwing her off, ha!

Btw, Abby's watermelon outfit is from Carter's. I think 90% of her wardrobe is from there...can't beat the sales!

Sarah Bain said...

oh my gosh. love.that.picture. and you too. xxoo.

Katie B. said...

Twins pretty much says it all!! Absolutely adorable and I can't believe she is 6 months already.

Keep enjoying every second of it.
Blong you.

Lynn said...

Oh my...I just can't get over how much they look alike! I love her. I don't know how long I'll be able to go until I get to see her again!

Gloria said...

Too much fun. I can't stop laughing. I now have 3 favorite pictures. I am going to do a collage for sure.

Bec said...

Em. You are a Bruce. You will love the food. End of story. :)

I heart you, you sweet, precious girl!