Easter Dress

Per many requests - the obligatory Easter dress picture - which, by the way, I worked hard for (on ebay) - and then we (gasp!) didn't go to church in Emory, so she literally put the dress on for this picture and took it off - you can tell by her sleepy eyes that it was early in the morning. So. If you see this dress again next year...do. not. judge. me.
Also, she got a pretty stinkin' cute Easter basket this year filled with fun toys from Haba, which I scored from The Mini Social, which I love, and a cute dress from her daddy.


Emily G. said...

we did the same thing with abby - put her easter dress on for just a picture! :) so I won't judge you!!

ps SUPER cute pic btw!

Louise said...

Time for a new post! :)