Rubber Ducky

A big post coming later about Aunt Laura and Jordan's trip to Charlotte this past weekend (which was SO fun). But first, did you see this clip on the Today show this morning? Fantastic. Maybe I can put super glue in the holes of these little squirters that Laura and Em played with for the first time in the bath last weekend! But then again, we all turned out okay, didn't we?


Megan said...

When I saw the picture (before I read) I thought to myself, "Doesn't Ellen watch the Today Show??!!!??" Hilarious :-)

Though, I do often wonder how on earth we ever managed to survive with all the things that aren't "ok" now... makes me wonder how I'll ever be ok at being a mom :-) You, however, are taking to motherhood swimmingly - no pun intended.

Emily G. said...

OMG that is nasty! I didnt see it on tv this morning, so I'm glad I watched the clip from your blog. Heading upstairs to the tub right now....Nate has about 100 bath toys with holes, awesome.

Stephanie said...

I'm sure Em will be quite fine, but I definitely just removed the squirt-able toys from our registry. I think I'm pretty laid back about germs, but you aren't helping by pointing out the "filth";)

Anonymous said...

Pictures, pictures! I need more pictures!

The Grandmother