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Let's just breeze through this rats' nest in our bed scandal okay? After all, we are still sleeping in this house and in this bed. Here's the skinny: One night a poor innocent pregnant lady was cooking dinner for her husband after working a 9 hour day, baking 2 dozen muffins and needing to pack for her 6 hour drive to a 22 hour course for work over the weekend [poor girl, I would not want to be her]. When she finally went to pack for the weekend, she pulled her bags out from under the bed and found stuffing on the floor behind them, looked up and found a dishtowel hanging from a hole in the box springs. She promptly sat down on the floor and sobbed. Her heroic husband and scared friend came to the rescue (armed with a BB gun). They upended the bed and found a nest of dishtowels and stuffing from all corners of the box springs formed into a nice little nest. They took solace in the fact that they had not heard said rodent in said nest in several weeks and prayed their way into a mostly restful night's sleep. THE END.

...we wish.

Then the same poor pregnant lady (you remember her, you pitied her earlier in the story) had in a frugal and organized fashion packed snack size zip lock bags for herself of her homemade chex mix for her long drive and 3 day conference; and put them in her purse on the guest bed with the door closed before having that restful nights' sleep. On her drive the next day she reached back to get one and...it wasn't there. None of them were there. Not chewed through with crumbs in the bag, just all taken out of the purse. By the rodent. UGH.

Then the exterminator came over. Again. Today. PRAY we have stories of death and destruction to tell next week!

Onto happier updates. Since that was enough drama for last week, our only other updates are of the house, and we will let those tell themselves in pictures.

Easter Saturday - April 11th
Footings Poured & Foundation Built

Monday, April 20th (after rain delay)

Floor Joists - Me in the middle of the house

Tuesday, April 21st (yes ONE day later!) - Framing of the 1st floor completed

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KatieKate said...

I cannot handle the rat story.

And- YOU. Get off the floor joists, woman! Yer pregnant!