This is why...

This is why I didn't tell anyone about this blog.

Pressure. And I cave under pressure. My mind screams "Abort! Abort! Abort!" I'd rather not write than write a pointless blog. When there are babies and things there will always be fun things to write about. But for now, it's just me and the Mr. And not to say that life isn't exciting - but all of you that read this blog are probably part of most of the exciting things we do!

Since I last wrote, we've....
Finished my girls' Bible study for 2008 and had a pot-luck dinner at our house to wrap up - YUM -

Let's look at how beautiful these girls all are again [I love and need and am beyond thankful for these girls - WHAT a blessing, I cannot imagine our life in Charlotte without them - you all are my sanity and saving grace on a daily basis]:

Had some hilarious times at mom's house on Christmas Eve with a family jumping contest - who do you think won? I really hope our kids get my hubs' athletic genes...CLEARLY they do not come from my side of the family!

Santa came to visit (his belly even shook like a bowl full of jelly!)
Went to Kenny & Holly's wedding and had an intern reunion at our house. You know how I feel about these people. Heart. (Clearly) I got to help take pictures for the wedding, good fun challenge , beautiful wedding. Look - they threw ping pong balls as they left their wedding! OUCH, but it looks cool in the pictures!
We threw a big New Years' party at Andrew Blair's with 360 of our closest friends [and made the news for being the best deal for NYE in Charlotte!!!] Don't be afraid of my crazed face (Kat, this one's for you!). We had a stinkin' blast at our own party - I was even the designated driver because I was driving to Knoxville early the next morning for a weekend with Molly (hi pea, love you!)

And speaking of our house, we close at the end of the month on our own little piece of the earth to start building a house. I guess if that isn't blog-worthy news, what is?!?! It is very fun to own a part of the earth. I think our piece of earth needs a name. Ideas?


Michelle said...

Hey Ellen! I was just reading your blog, and if you ever come to Knoxville again you MUST call me!

Becky said...

I have been waiting and waiting for another post. But notice I have not said anything bc I didn't want you to feel the pressure. I think you should blog more often because A)you're a great writer B) you take AMAZING pictures C) I like to re-read things we do together D)Because I need to be entertained at work. If those are the best reasons ever, then I don't know what to do. LOVE YOU POOKS!

KatieKate said...

AW, no pressure!!! But we do love seeing your beautiful face!