In honor of my amazing husband who turns 30 today, here are 30 shots, in no particular order that made me love him, make me love him, and make me keep on loving him every day.  Proud of you, Terry for all 30 years of your life...but not proud enough to let you have a motorcycle.  Or maybe, too proud to let you have one!

I love you because:

1. You are a great camper

2. Your sense of adventure...and your rockin' bod

3. You love to be surprised (and what a chore for me to have to come to Hawaii to surprise you!)

4. You take so much pride in the 'firsts' in our life

5. Your excitement for life

6. Your amazing sense of style.

7. Yep, your amazing sense of style

8. You asked me to marry you.

9. You are the farthest thing from a 'deadbeat dad' anyone could imagine

10. Your genes, which are the strongest ever, sure have given us cute children that look just like you (yes, children, there's no chance this boy will look anything like me, we know it!)

11. Your athletic genes are more than enough to compensate for mine.

12. There is nothing to not love about you - seriously, look at this.

13. You are as cute on your 30th birthday as you were on your 1st

14. You are a great date and always make sure I know how much you love time alone with me

15. You have great moves - don't be mad at me for putting this on here.

16. Your heart is sensitive and precious to me

17. You lead our family closer to the Lord every day deliberately and with great gentleness.

18. You are a California boy at heart

19. You love a pregnant belly - I particularly love this right now as I feel my body growing and you love it more with each day

20. You are HILARIOUS.  I love your pregnant belly as much as you love mine.   Again, don't be mad that I put this one on here either, I think it's one of your best talents and looks!

21. You are safe, cozy, and love to snuggle. Now if only I could convince you to sleep this snuggled up every night...

22. You make me more fun every day

23. You watch over and take care of our family

24. You immediately became the best dad I could imagine

25. Did I already say you're a hot date?

26. You remind me to slow down and take it all in, spend time with friends, and go on vacation

27. You love time in the mountains like I do (we're in Asheville here, I know you can't tell)

28. You make our daughter the happiest little girl in the world

29. Well, just look at you, this makes me love you!

30. You love me more today than you did 5 years ago

Happy birthday Terry, you are the best man that I know.


Anonymous said...

THIS is the sweetest post I have ever seen. LOVE the pictures of you all! Happy birthday to T!


Katie B said...

Glad I stopped by this blog today. Love this post!!
Happy Birthday, Terry!

Laura said...

The baby pictures! The Cabbage Patch doll! I love it! And let's be serious, you guys are one good lookin' couple! Love you guys. :)

Emily G. said...

love this post!

and the preggo pic of you is beautiful!!!!!!!!

KatieKate said...

Kind of totally crying over here.
The cabbage patch picture... oh my lanta :)