Daddy-Daughter Weekend

So a couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of having a daddy-daughter weekend while Ellen was away for some continuing education classes in Nashville. It was a blast and exhausting at the same time. This would be the longest I had ever had her by myself (3 nights) so I wanted to make sure we stayed busy and I documented it with pictures (sorry for the poor phone quality). We tackled a lot...
It was a special time for us and I relished the opportunity to get to spend some great one-on-one time. I will keep this short because I know my favorite thing about blogs are the pictures. Just like a man huh? - with Ellen you get great insight, incredible wisdom and sweet little stories. Me, you get pictures!

Thursday we had dinner at Chipotle, probably the worst self portrait ever.

A great one of her through the front door of her doll house.

We went to the park for World Day, where they had vendors and booths from all over the world (she dressed herself by the way, so cute).

Enjoying a massive fried cheese stick…from Mexico.

Then we when to Ikea after her nap to get another bookshelf for her growing collection of books and I thought it would be fun for her to play in the kids area. Of course we had to partake in a cinnamon roll! We shared it and she was eating it so fast so I started eating fast also because I didn’t want her to eat too much so she took a bunch at the end and stuffed her face. I thought it was hilarious.

Sunday after church went up to my brother’s house and to hang out with the cousins and Grandma and Poppy (they came it town just to see everybody). Em and Joseph - they could be brother and sister.

Doing a puzzle with Sam.

Jen made some popcorn with coconut oil, which I was really skeptical of by the way.  I have to admit it was pretty amazing. My mom, Jen and I killed a huge bowl of it standing right at the kitchen island.   

Finally Sunday night before heading home we went to eat at a Taco place in Birkdale. It was fun  & they had these games the kids could play right there on the table. 

Overall the weekend was pretty exhausting but it was really great and the highlight was some point at Ikea Emerson said to me "Dad I really like hanging out with you!" That's when I realized - wow I am hooked... 

Terry Michael Jerome Bruce


Anonymous said...

T!! I am so impressed!! Great job!!!

the mother-in-law

Sarah Butler-Razo said...

This is so sweet, Terry! I'm so proud of the man and dad you're! Emerson is so lucky! She is such a cutie.

Kristi Redding said...

Love this! Good job Terry :) Ellen and Emerson are lucky to have you.