Phone Photo Upload

Things we have been doing which have not included blogging...or yoga.  Moving on...(again, sorry these pictures are all from my phone)

Living in a tent.  Had no idea this 2 man tent would be so big when we found it on sale for $14 at Target.  Set it up for fun, and it stayed up all weekend.  Clearly, there was nowhere else for it to go as it took up the ENTIRE living room.  She would have lived in it.  Her fun dad added the ambiance, aka rope lighting.  We even Skyped with Caleb, Laura and Beth while in the tent - Emerson's new favorite past time!  if you use Skype, tell us, she would love to Skype with you!

Ate a red cupcake at church on Sunday which she is proudly showing you all over her mouth here.  This dress is a current favorite of mine - a beloved hand me down from Bella, which she somehow never wore.  I think Emerson couldn't be cuter in it with her red polka dot shoes!  I know she is mine, but I think she is kind of the cutest thing ever.

Shot some hoops while with our cousins celebrating 3 out of 4 boys from one family's birthdays.  Emerson LOVED being there, and ran right around riding bikes, playing basketball and jumping on the trampoline right in the midst of the hub bub of all the boys.  (Oh to have a flat driveway and yard....sigh.)  She even spent the night there last night - thanks Jen for our Valentine's date! - and couldn't have been more excited for her sleepover.  

And we prepared for Valentine's day with heart shaped cherry scones.  They were great and we had a fun time all making them together.  Emerson loves to be in the kitchen.  I still have more pictures I need to share from the daily mailboxes leading up to Valentine's day; she really loved doing that and it was so sweet to hear her go get Terry every morning to see if he was ready to open his mailbox with her.  We will all be a little sad for the mailboxes to get packed up until next year.  

Hope that brief catch up holds you over until I get myself together to plug my camera in, work on the cute pictures of Emerson & Bella, and catch back up!  We have been having so much fun family time over the past two weeks, and Emerson has been cracking us up with her energy, words, and funny thoughts.  Tonight is Music Together class, one of her favorite things.  I'll try to snap some pictures of her in there to share also!


Anonymous said...

Loved the new update, pictures, etc. I need to learn how to skype!

Laura said...

Legitimately thought that was me in the picture of you and Em making scones together... wow!

Anonymous said...

Ellen and Lou, what can a mother say? When she gets the female version right, she should do the same thing again! How blessed I am to have TWO beautiful girls!!

Kristi Redding said...

I love Emerson's dress :)What a cute, cute girl. Time for another visit-- we miss you guys!