Strep Throat

After several days of thinking that Emerson was running a fever from her most recent set of vaccines (and wanting to hop on the delayed vaccination bandwagon despite all my education...), she kept getting worse and worse.  She had the smelliest breath ever and wouldn't eat or drink anything for two days.  She was pretty traumatized to have her throat swabbed at the doctor's office and immediately started waving bye to the nurse because she wanted her to get the heck away!  Her strep test immediately came back positive - very rare for her age.  Her gums are swollen and bleeding and she has sores all over her tongue, it is so sad!  She has been so pitiful, snuggly and sad since Thursday.  When she woke up this morning I thought maybe she had turned the corner because she ate for the first time, but by 11:00 she was very puny again.  Poor kid.  While my heart has been breaking for her, I have also been loving all of the snuggle time that I have gotten with her morning, noon and night - she is such a cuddle bug.  Normally she is so busy that she will come over for the occasional hug and/or kiss, and will sit in my lap to read her favorite books; but mostly likes to be running, dancing and climbing all around. 

Since pictures of sick babies are pitiful [though I did snap one of her on the table at the doctor's office in her diaper crying and snuggled in our bed drinking a milkshake in her pajamas at 9:30pm!!!], all of the pictures here are from earlier this past week before she got sick when we played at the park and around the house.  The sky was about to open up with rain this afternoon while we were at the park and it was super windy - Emerson loves when the wind blows in her hair (see below) - it totally cracks her up.  I cannot say enough how ready I am for spring and at the same time how much I dread that it means summer is coming sooner.  I need a summer getaway home.  Hopefully it will be in Stowe, Vermont since I registered 852 times to win the HGTV home!  Keep your fingers crossed...you can all come and stay! 

Once it started raining, we headed home and snuggled in with our favorite books - just more proof that she really will sit and do this for so long, and she definitely has her favorite books.  I'd put the "First 100 Words" book (on the right) in her top 3 favorites - she can name/make the sound for/act out probably 95/100 of the things in this book and she likes to read it over and over...and over again.

Hopefully her delicious pink medicine that she's living for right now will kick in completely soon and she'll be back to herself.  Until then, we'll be busy snuggling for the rest of this rainy weekend before we have to head back to work and start the week again! 


Bec said...

WHOA, please email me that first picture. Thank you. :)

Kristi Redding said...

I love that first picture too :) AND, I registered for the HGTV home a whole bunch as well! Hope Emerson starts feeling better soon-- and glad she likes the pink meds, Carver was a fan also.

Bella and her Mama said...

tonight bella said "i pway"... I said "play what"? she put her little finger up to her cheek and said, "I pway wif Emmy"...

oh dear, she is really missing her Emmy... can't WAIT to pway wif y'all.


Anonymous said...

Oh those curls!! I hope they're here to stay. Sore throat, go away!!!


We are the Rutledge's said...

Your family is beautiful and can't wait until we can play soon. Sickness go away.