Broken, broken, broken...

The internet is broken.
The computer is broken.
The point-and-shoot digital camera that takes video is now also broken. 
I haven't been able to find the cords to the cameras to bring them to work to upload pictures (despite a clean house thanks to my mom who helped us out with babysitting and all things house related all summer)!

But I found the cords, so I have at least a few pictures to share so you can see how big our girl is growing and get a glimpse of what we've been doing during all of this chaos.  We have been having such a fun time, and our 9 months with her have FLOWN.  Life has changed in huge ways as parents, almost all wonderful.  I still might dream of sleeping in until 9 or 10am on a Saturday :)

We went to California and played with the cousins.
We went to the beach for a wedding and let Emerson play in the ocean for the first time.
She has been standing and cruising and letting go and getting a few bumps along the way.
We spend a lot of time playing with the tags on her stuffed animals.

We made our house look really redneck and kept an inflatable pool on the porch during the summer which she LOVED.
We traveled to Wisconsin for an intern reunion and flew there with Molly & Bella (somehow, the only picture on my camera was from in the airport...) - And yes, those are 7 teeth in her mouth.
And (surprise) she looks more and more like her daddy every day! (except who knows where these killer baby blues came from!)

It has been a busy and wonderful TWO MONTHS (I know, horrors that it has been that long since I have posted!)  Somehow, we love Emerson more every day and I keep trying hard to cement memories into my mind of her just how she is each day.  She has the sweetest most joyful spirit and we pray every day it sticks around for life.  She loves to eat (as evidenced by the chub!), loves to play rough and be tossed up in the air by Terry, but also loves to snuggle at bed time and early in the morning.  She is on the go and we feel pretty sure will be walking soon. 

I started working a different schedule this summer which gives me more time with her each day that has made life as a working mom feel much more manageable even though I still miss her like crazy and can't wait to get home to her.  Beth is still keeping Em, and she had a blast having all of Beth's daughters home this summer for extra loving.  Terry and I got to have several date nights this summer while my mom was in town, which were such a welcome gift of time together.  Terry also became a master Scrabble player - we played each week when my mom was in town - and won almost every game.  I didn't win any.  Alas.

Hopefully technology will be repaired around our house soon and you'll be hearing from us regularly again!  I miss my blogging world!


Becky said...

oh my gracious...I miss seeing Emerson every week (and you too)!! I'm going to invite myself over next week for some Ellen and Emerson time. Maybe a walk one night next week? Tuesday?

Anonymous said...

I took an off chance and decided to check your blog today and was SHOCKED to find a new post. Hoorah!

Emily G. said...

A few things:
1. Welcome back!
2. Emerson is getting more beautiful everyday!
3. Did you really say SEVEN teeth? Insane. Has she been a relatively good teether? Abby - not so much and she only has 2.
4. What is it about tags?! Abs is obsessed too! Ahhh the simple things in life.

Bec said...

Homegirl got those blue eyes from her Aunt Laura, NO DOUBT about it!

Daniel and Kristi Redding said...

Oh, I can't decide which of these pictures I love best-- she is adorable. SO so cute :)

Bella and her Mama said...

dea baby emmy,

i cawwied you picta around da house tanite. i wub wooking at you picta. i kiss it wots. and ebby time mommy prays for "baby emmy" i point to my cheeks and smiwle weal big wike you. i miss woo and tan't wait to squeeze woo soon.

wub woo wots,